Getting Your Awesome Video Started Is Easy as 123!!

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Guest Post by the Deetslist Team

Let’s go over the steps you need to take in order to get your awesome video going.

Step one. Tell your story.

Take some time and write down a script about your product or service or whatever your video is about.​ As a Tip when you write your story down make sure you mention the name of your business or service several times in the script, this will help your business video convert better. Once you complete your script you’ll need a good audio recorder and Powtoon has just created a great one. The audio record device is embedded in the control panel and is very convenient and awesome to use. I also recommend Audacity, it’s free and easy to use. You may also add music to the background of your video which we highly recommend. Music is known to create emotion in people and that emotion triggers ​ response for your video. This of course turns into a bigger audience that will see your video or more money if you’re selling a product or service.

Step two. Collect all of your high quality images that you want in the video.

Make sure they can best represent your business or story. Putting together high quality images of your story or business can easily be uploaded into your video. PNG or transparent images are highly recommended as the images vividly stand out and are easily seen by the viewer. Tip make sure that you have all of the images put into one single folder for that project that you can refer to over and over. This makes the creation of the video smoother and much more efficient.

Step three. Put the slides together

Now that you have your script, background music and images together we can start on the video and putting each slide together. Tip running the audio script in the control panel to see exactly how long the video will be is crucial to the timing for each slide. Adding your characters along with your images should go with the timing of the narration in your video. Putting it all together is fun when you have all of your images and character to your fingertips. Powtoon’s has done a great job in putting together a very user-friendly control panel to assemble your AWESOME VIDEO!


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