Powtoon Hits The Big-Screen

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GroupMap really went to town with their video marketing. We love that they were not shy at all and played an animated video they created using Powtoon on this enormous screen during their last meeting.

Here is the story, right from the mouth of Jeremy Lu (GroupMap Co-Founder):

When we were invited by digital creative festivals organisers to take our online brainstorming tool out of meeting rooms and classrooms to the general public, we needed a fun, eye catching way to get people’s attention.

The goal was to get people’s ideas about what would make a city more innovative. At the same time, we also managed to collect tips from industry professionals about what makes them more creative.

We had a big screen. We had the desire. We had the software. Now we just needed our grab. So the team put together a Powtoons which was shown on the Piazza screen. Festival folk joined in on the day or online giving us their responses. Everything from changes to transport systems and single owner housing offices through to spaceports and community driven designs.

We ended up with over 160 ideas and even a thank you letter from the city’s CEO. Pretty sweet.


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