How To Flip a Classroom

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Why has flipping the classroom become so popular?

Technology is changing the dynamics of learning; how do you flip a classroom and engage your students?

The traditional teaching method of standing and lecturing at students and assigning homework based on lectures that students will only hear once, is becoming a thing of the past. ​ This one-dimensional approach may have worked for a small percentage of students, but the majority of students have higher levels of understanding and retention with the inverse of this method, called “flipping the classroom.” So now the latest buzz is focused on how to flip a classroom and how it will impact students.

With advanced technology available to both students and teachers, teachers are changing their lesson plans in the classroom to digital formats and methods, by creating digital lectures and placing them online for students. This avenue allows students to spend as much or as little time as they need on lectures; they can set their own pace. By “flipping the classroom” traditional homework is done in class, while listening to class lectures becomes the homework.

Benefits of a flipped classroom

1) Teachers can spend more one-on-one time with their students during a flipped classroom

2) Online lectures can be shared and discussed between teachers and improve flipped classroom techniques and strategies

3) Students can apply in class what they learned at home

4) Students who take longer to understand concepts can watch online lectures at home as many times as they want without feeling embarrassed

5) Students who are more advanced can breeze through the lectures, or skip to later lectures, yet still benefit from class time

How do teachers make the transition to a flipped classroom?

An organization and resource website has been created to help teachers transition to a flipped classroom setting. In this community, teachers can post videos and share information.

The Flipped Classroom - Powtoon

How do students make the transition to flipped classrooms?

Teachers may not realize that students also need to adjust to this new method of teaching, and need to understand why this trend is taking over. How will students react to a flipped classroom? Click on the image below to watch this movie about the flipped classroom

What kinds of online lectures will work for a flipped classroom?

All subjects, including math, science, languages and history, are suitable for online lectures for the flipped classroom model. ​ With more visuals possible through online lectures, instructors can also make the material more interesting and entertaining than in the traditional classroom setting.

Although there may be different kinds of online presentations, animated presentations are great options for both engaging and entertaining students. Our animation software at Powtoon is quickly growing in the educational sector and perfect for flipping the classroom.

Thanks to Janis Raisen for writing this article.

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