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Expand Your Audience by Adding Subtitles to your Animated Video

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This is a guest post by Emre Akkas at Globalme.

Videos are powerful advertising tools and for a good reason. They’re easier on the eyes than walls of text, and they are generally more entertaining. Using great video tools like Powtoons and the abundance of video tutorials available online also makes video creation easier than before. Add the fact that videos are now easier to share over the Web and you have a great way to market your products. As of 2011, more than half of B2B marketers in the United States have invested in video advertisements, and there’s no sign of that figure going down.

While many videos find varying degrees of success when targeting local markets, things get a lot trickier when taking things to an international scale. A lot of businesses have made the mistake of creating a video that generates way less views than they expected, thanks to the language barrier. Fortunately, you can break the barrier without having to break your bank by adding subtitles to your videos.

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There are many reasons why subtitles are surprisingly effective at increasing the amount of views your videos can get, but here are some of the more important ones.

Not everyone understands English

You often see foreigners from all over the world speak English, but only 70% of the Internet population consider English as their primary language. Creating a great-looking video with Powtoons is highly recommended to tap in to the market, and adding translated subtitles to your video is a perfect way to get more views from people who would otherwise give it a pass.‚Äč

People are more interested if they know you care about them

Adding subtitles does more than just break the language barrier. By actually putting effort to making your video more appealing to foreign viewers, you’re basically acknowledging their existence and showing that you care. The rest is simple logic: If you were to choose between two videos, would you pick the one that acknowledges you or one that doesn’t care at all? Showing a little respect goes a long way, and your viewers will definitely appreciate you for that.

People prefer established names

There’s a good reason why products from big companies sell better than those created by smaller ones; brand preference. The more prominent your brand is, the more likely people will choose you over your competitor. The same thing goes for videos, adding subtitles to your videos gives the impression that you’re trying to get views on an international scale. Viewers will be more likely to watch your international-level videos. As an added bonus, foreign viewers who have already watched your previous videos will be more likely to watch your more recent works.

Adding subtitles to videos takes less time and resources than recording voiceovers, and you also get to preserve the original audio of your video. You can use Powtoons to create great animated videos and add subtitles to it to expand your audience and let yourself be known across the globe!

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