Script Writing Mastery, Day 4

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Catch Phrases and Grabbing Attention

Explainer Script writing mastery from PowToon


Learn how to add some pizzazz to your writing with tips on using popular, catchy phrases

What you need to have ready before you begin:

* Make a list of some catch phrases that you know and like

* Think about the overall tone you want your script to embody

* Grab any snack or drink that makes you feel creative and alert!

Simply stated, competing for attention from the same target market as thousands of other people requires innovative tactics. Let me share a secret with you: Using catch phrases is a fantastic secret weapon!

Here are some examples of how to use catch phrases, depending on your particular audience and topic.

A more “serious” subject

When created content needed for a more serious topic, try using some of the following catch phrases that embody a more serious tone:

* Let me ask you a question…

* Consider what happens…

* Not many know it but…

* You may wonder why…

* Despite what you may have heard…

A more “playful” subject?

* Hang on to your seat because…

* Believe it or not…

* Guess what?

* Here’s a secret…

* Listen Up!

Catch phrases can, and should, be used to string ideas together throughout your script in order to keep your audience both hooked and intrigued. As you transition from one idea to the next, your catch phrase becomes extremely critical.

Here is a great video that illustrates the mastery of catch phrases from the beginning of the video to the very end.

Let’s identify some of her more popular catch phrases:

1) You might have already heard the news…

2) Talking of Apps, well two actually (good catch phrases and transition)

3) And if that isn’t enough for you

4) Yes, I really did say…

5) Just keep an eye out…

6) Remember, you’ll need…

7) So, don’t forget to…

You see, if you take a chance on some catchy lingo in your scripts, you might be surprised at how simple and effective it can be in terms of engagement. Another way to look at catch phrases is in terms of emphasis, more specifically, emphasizing the main points of your script. “So the secret (emphasizing point) is that if you listen up (more linguistic emphasis keeping your audience on their toes) and think of catch phrases like a special kind of punctuation, you will become a script writing expert!

Stay tuned for our next course on utilizing humor in your scripts on day 5 of this course.

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