How To Make an Animated Explainer Video

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RealityNinja​ created​ an awesome animated explainer video with Powtoon and so we asked Ramin Sabour, their CEO to share some insight.

RealityNinja’s Experience with Powtoon’s Animated Explainer Video

In today’s online world you have a very short amount of time to convince a potential customer browsing your website to use your product or service. Chances are… they’ve got multiple tabs open, a coffee in their hand and just a few minutes to spend on your site. That means people are looking for bite-sized bits of easily digestible information that speaks to them.

Having said that, we knew the best way to utilize that short opportunity was with an explainer video using Powtoon. With limited skills/budget, we were able to follow the tutorial videos and jump right in.

To write an effective script we had to put ourselves in the position of the typical customer using the current solutions and understand their pain points. The script is broken down into the following chunks:

1. Introduce the problem – tie in a story, show the pain of current solutions, there has to be something better…

2. Introduce the solution (RealtyNinja) – give a quick sentence why it solves the problem, lead into next section…

3. How it works – brief, high-level rundown of how it solves the problem better than the current solutions

4. Wrap it up – close the story, solve the solution

5. Call to action – show our logo, get the viewer to sign up for a trial

We recorded a few versions of our script and chose one that we could animate and was around 1 minute long. The challenge was providing enough information without being wordy/sales-y.

Once we went through a few iterations of our script, we finalized it, then drew some rough sketches for each scene. We also wrote some animation notes for each scene and how it related to the script’s timing. Then we imported our script audio into Powtoon and followed their easy tutorials on how to set up your stage, scenes, etc.

We we’re incredibly impressed how quick and easy it was to get our video done and online, without spending a ton of money.

Check out our video here and let us know what you think.

– Ramin Sabour – CEO.

Create Your Own Animated Explainer Video with Powtoon

With the help of Powtoon, creating your own animated explainer video is easy! Powtoon is the visual communication platform that gives you the freedom to create professional and fully customized videos your audience will love. Visit Powtoon to sign up for a free trial.

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