How I became a Master PowToonist overnight – Kjeld van Kippersluis reveals

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Shortly after we launched PowToon we came across a cool Powtoon (an animated presentation). It was the first CV made using PowToon and​ Since then Kjeld created many Powtoons and is now a Master Powtoonist in the PowToon market place .​ it was awesome! As we started chatting to Kjeld, the creator of the Powtoon, he helped us find bugs and suggested features. and We helped him with his queries.

Kjeld took a few moments from his busy Powtooning schedule to answer a few questions:

1- How did you find out about PowToon?

I read an article on about PowToon, a cool online animated presentation tool, and I thought that it looks pretty cool, so let’s give it a try! So ​ I signed up for an early invite and immediately got hooked.

2- What did you initially use PowToon for?

Initially I used PowToon for a job application at Dutch television studios. They were looking for a creative to develop new TV formats, so I decided to use PowToon for this. It was really fun and easy creating this job application video.

(You can now find it as a template in the PowToon playground, which is pretty awesome!)

3 – When did you decide to join the PowToon marketplace?

Well, the video worked! I got invited for an interview, because they liked my video. But it turned out they were looking for someone more experienced. That sucked. But I posted my video on YouTube and got great comments and even emails from people who were asking to create a similar video for them. And to create other videos as well. Also the PowToon guys contacted me to have a look at their marketplace. I gave it a try and in no time I got requests coming in.

4 – What’s your favorite visual style?

Marker style is my favorite visual style. I love the cartoonish (is that a word? :-)) of it.

5 – How long does it take you to create a Powtoon now? How long did it take you when you started?

That still depends. First I created Powtoons just for myself, and I was pretty much experimenting ​ with adding this and that, trying this and that, working on the script while creating the video… Now I know some cool tricks and possibilities and I obviously got more routine in creating videos, so the actual creation time of the video is shorter. But now, communication with clients and revisions takes more time.

6 – Who are you clients, what industry and Powtoon types are they are asking for?

Basically all of them are website owners such as startups, established businesses and marketing agencies. Most of the time they are looking for Powtoons that explain their business in short. Currently I’m working on a Powtoon for a charity foundation.

7 – What do you most enjoy about PowToon?

It’s easy and it’s fun. I enjoy creating funny videos the most and PowToon is excellent for that. And of course, I enjoy the marketplace.

8 -Can you share an interesting anecdote or case study from your work?

I think the anecdote of creating a video for a job application and it turning out into creating videos for a job is pretty interesting :-).

9 – what is your favorite Powtoon?

My favorite Powtoon is ‘Pet Pushing’. It got some nice little tricks in it, which I personally like a lot. And I love the music/sounds too! You can find it here:

Kjeld van Kippersluis is a master PowToonist specialised in creating animated presentation for startups, charities and marketing agencies see more of his works here.

You can contact him here.

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