A Rare Photo From PowToon’s Secret Labs Spurs Speculation

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PowToon made no official comment regarding the image that has been floating around the web (shown here on the right) depicting two PowToon scientist creating a Presentation on a tablet device. ​ The image spurred diverse rumors from the imminent launch of a revolutionary app to claims of a buy-out offer from a large mobile company. ​ One rumour even claimed that PowToon was created as part of a conspiracy by unmentioned state backed organizations to topple the thriving bullet-point markets. ​ Powtoon scientists are notoriously secretive of their work and no official comment was available.

Yesterday Powtoon announced that a famous Hollywood movie star had joined their rankes and that a major announcement would come soon. ​ Could there be some kind of connection?

Powtoon is scheduled for a Major feature update next week. ​ Perhaps these features will provide some clues as to the origin and meaning of this photo… Of course, there is always the possibility that this image was created by a hopeful fan. ​ In the past, fan renderings have been mistaken by the media to be actual photos. ​ Only time will tell if that is the case here as well.

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