Use Powtoon + VoiceBunny For An Unbeatable Animated Presentation


Want a professional voiceover for your Powtoon? ​ When you log into your account you can now see an icon on the right-hand side of your “My Powtoons” page (Just like the one to the right of this text). ​ Click it and you are on your way.

Here is how it works: You post your script and get back a professional recording you can place right into your Powtoon. ​ And the best part is: you can have it back with a super quick turnaround time!

Powtoon recommends minimizing the amount of text in your videos. ​ We have noticed that the best of the best Powtoons have a great, simple narrative with supporting animations. ​ You can record your own voiceover on your desktop or, if your voice is not up to your own standards, get a professional voiceover in any language and accent you prefer from VoiceBunny!


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