Project-Based Learning: Why educators are revising lesson plans

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What is project-based learning?

Critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, and presentations are key elements involved in project-based learning. Another way to view project-based learning is as a tool used to train students for the workforce through hands-on approaches. Project-based learning requires task oriented work which greatly differs from more traditional classroom models, but has proven to be extremely effective in the classroom.

When students are given tasks to demonstrate their knowledge through things like website creation, plays, experimentation, or presentations, they not only enjoy working with the subject matter, but they learn through implementation.

Benefits of project-based learning

1) Students learn to problem solve and think critically

2) Subject matter is understood and retained more through hands-on learning

3) Students learn to communicate by presenting research findings

4) Students are more engaged with the subject matter through project-based learning

5) Students learn how to conduct research, and how to explore all available resources

6) By taking charge of their own projects, presenting their findings in front of the class, or industry leaders, they become groomed for the workforce

Project based learning is becoming the norm for all students, starting with early childhood education. When young children are given real-world tasks, such as figuring out the procedure to fly to Brazil (as shown in the video above) they become engaged, excited, and put a maximum amount of effort into their projects.

Students of all ages benefit from project-based learning, and it is excellent training for when they enter the workforce. More and more frequently employees are faced with project oriented tasks where they are expected to create, research, implement, and present. Developing and honing these problem solving and critical thinking skills early on in a student’s education will arm them with tools to successfully navigate the workplace when they reach that stage.

When you ask your students to create presentations for their project based assignments don’t forget to tell them about Powtoon,‚Äč which is a software that will enable them to learn, create, and have fun in the process! It’s a wonderful tool for both teachers and students, and is revolutionizing presentations in the classroom!

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