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How to optimize the effectiveness of your presentation: Quick tip #10

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The Never-Ending Story

I would like to introduce today’s topic with this VERY relevant, and phenomenally funny, picture.


I know that the picture is hard to see due to the quality, but the question asks: “In the space blow please write any overall comments about this course or instructor not covered above”. The student’s response is simply brilliant, and nicely introduces the topic of todays Quick Tip. The student responds: “If I had one hour to live, I’d spend it in this class because it feels like an eternity”…. I’m sure many of us have been in similar situations being stuck in a class or presentation that seems to go on FOREVER, and can relate all to well to this response.

effective presentations, effective presenting, how to, public speaking,

Quick tip #10: Keep your presentations short, simple, and​ entertaining.​

More often than not people add superfluous and irrelevant information to their presentations which adds both unnecessary time and leaves the audience weary, bored, and asking “when will this ever end”. 5 words you definitely don’t want to hear when you are giving a presentation. Make your presentation and concise and to the point as you possibly can. Use only relevant information, and let presentation accompaniments aid in the entertainment factor of your presentation.​ Now, of course, we realize that presentations sometimes have to fill up a certain amount of time, so if they do have to be on the longer side make sure that they are captivating and entertaining from beginning to end. As long as all of the information is important, relevant, and presented in a way that doesn’t put your audience to sleep you will have a fantastic presentation.

Remember, if you do have a longer presentation try breaking it up into parts or series (if it is a video presentation), to keep people alert, awake, and interested. Here is an example of a presentation series we are currently doing:

Stay tuned for Quick tip #11 coming soon! (for the previous Quick tip click here)

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