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How to Get the Best HIRES (Without Increasing Your Budget)

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Possibly the hardest thing you face at work is surrounding yourself with SUPERSTARS. You know, the new hires who make your work easier and twice as productive (while having a lot of fun ; )

The only problem is getting those superstars to choose YOUR company over the bigger companies with deeper pockets. When your competition is giving your superstar hires better offers, how can YOU get them to choose your company?

Enter Laura Upcott

Laura is the co-owner of Stafflink, a boutique IT staffing company in Toronto. Stafflink needed a new IT recruiter and found a ROCKSTAR.

…who was being wined and dined with better offers from her competition.

So Laura put together THIS quick Powtoon…and won the Rockstar over (in 90 seconds) to choose Stafflink over the competition. YES!

Powtoon — Beyond Simple Ads

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because Laura uses Powtoon for work in so many creative and strategic ways — your head will spin with awesomeness.

  • Blog-post images
  • Presentations
  • Homepage videos
  • And tons more!

What Does Laura Say?

Here’s a quote I love from our phone call:

“People are just so visual and so impatient, Powtoon gives me a way to put in very high quality graphics. We do end up getting business from our Powtoons. They raise my work to a whole higher level.”
— Laura Upcott

Thank you Laura — YOU ROCK!

Make a Powtoon to get the best hires too

Listen, if you have an inspiring success story using Powtoon at work — leave a comment in the blog post. You might make someone’s day — go for it : )

Stay awesome,


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Ari Sherbill

VP Business Development @Powtoon. Ari's known as the "High Energy Guy" who currently advises Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood Studios and over 5,000 executives and business owners every month how to increase their leads, engagement and sales with Powtoon. He's spoken on stage with MGM, the Sands Hotel, 3M and Oracle. NASA referred to his strategies as "fresh and intriguing". Learn how to grow your sales and impact by following me on twitter: @AriSherbill
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