Project-Based Learning: Powtoon Educational Templates

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Exploring the options


Whether you are creating Powtoons as a teacher or as a student, looking at all of the template options is a great idea! As a teacher, you may feel like using different formats and creating a variety of animated lectures, and as a student you can use templates that make assignments and homework engaging, creative, and unforgettable!


Education, Flip the classroom, presentations, creative learning, creative teaching, project based learning


Illustrated above are the main categories available for you to choose from. These options encompass all types of animated video options, but don’t forget that you can also choose the blank page option at the top.‚Äč With each video category, you can choose one of the following templates shown below. Be sure to click on the “view” button to watch the demos, which will help you with template selection.

Promotional Video


Promotional Video, Education, presentation, flipped classroom, creative teaching, creative learning, public speaking


This is a great way to create TV ads, show product demos, or profile a team of project collaborators



Slideshow, flipped classroom, presentation, project based learning, public speaking, creative teaching, creative learning


These templates allow you to spice up slideshow presentations by providing different layout and presentation options

Educational Clip


Educational Clip, presentation, flipped classroom, public speaking, creative teaching, creative learning, innovative education, education


This template is tailored specifically for the needs of educators. Watch each demo in this pack of templates to see the great Powtoon options that are waiting for you!

Infographic Video


Infographic Video, presentation, flipped classroom, creative teaching, creative learning, public speaking, innovative education, education


There will always be a need for info graphics, but this is your chance to create info graphic presentations that will keep your students engaged and entertained. For students working on research assignments, this is a very fun way to present your findings.

Social Clip


Social Clips, social media, social media in the classroom, creative teaching, creative learning, flipped classroom, project based learning, public speaking


Students can create animated resumes or share some great stories with these fun, light-hearted templates!

If you are not sure where to begin, simply click on the “view” buttons under each template to watch our demos! To check out our amazing educational packages click here, and happy Powtooning!

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