Interactive Animated Video Marketing Example Using PowToon

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When Convine Marketing was approached by their client they faced a really big​ challenge: how to leverage the the youtube platform to create a highly interactive contest?
The team lead by their graphic designer​ Jones Hsu came up a with a​ brilliant​ solution: Use PowToon to create easily replicable videos modify them to create a story line and overlay them with transparent Youtube annotation links to one another. ​ Effectively, they added links to PowToon videos. ​ The game, targeting students is a “video maze” the viewer needs to find the Prize page by​ navigating​ through the​ story​ and selecting the right sequence of videos. ​ This really takes video marketing and social to a whole new level.

It’s a great watch, a fun game with a prize and a fantastic marketing technique.

Bob Cook of​ Convince​ explains:
“Adding the interactive element to the Plextor Upgrade Adventure videos was relatively easy.​ YouTube’s Annotations function gives you the ability to add links to anyone viewing videos on a PC or Mac. ​ ​ For our purposes we needed to make areas of the animation clickable so players could interact with multiple objects and trigger video responses, we found that the spotlight tool worked perfectly for this. Once we’d highlighted the object we’d either add a link to another time in the same video or to a new video, then make the spotlight frame transparent.​ This only major limitation to the annotation tool is that you can’t a link to an external website.

Working with interactive video obviously adds a lot more complexity to the planning and storyboarding process, in practice it also presented issues with buffering and timing as the story moves between videos. Using Powtoons made it a lot easier for our graphic designer​ to adjust the story flow and timing to reduce these problems.

Player feedback and the response from our client has been very positive. We’ve only scratched the surface with this project, the combination of Powtoons’ ability to quickly produce animations and YouTube interactivity opens up a lot of exciting possibilities from a marketing viewpoint.”


PowToon Simple animation maker is now Free


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