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How embarrassing….

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So you know how we made this big To-Do about Ilya’s (The Chief Executive Unicorn) new Book, Right. ​ Well here is something really​ embarrassing​… ​ It only took 5 minutes for one of the first readers to notice this typo right on the cover. ​ Can you spot it?

PowToon eBook about Cartoon marketing



Well if you didn’t – take a closer look at the word “Secret”. ​ The​ embarrassing​ part? In the time it took to correct the error thousands of people downloaded the book.

But there is another side to the story: ​ only a few short hours later another reader sent this email:

“I want to share my experience with your platform and book.

I needed to create a short explainer few months ago and searched for possible options. Being a creative guy I love putting things together on my own but I need them to look great. ​ I remember logging in playing with the interface with different slides and coming to the conclusion that it will not help me get something great fast.

Months went by and I kept getting and mostly ignoring your emails until I saw that you want to teach with the book how to make great explainer toons. ​ I told myself I would click the link and if there is a PDF ill read it. If it is a form or a link to buy something I would close it. ​ I did not think that I would use your platform but thought I might learn something useful.

When I read the ebook I was blown away because I understood that I totally missed the workflow you had in mind. I suspect that most people will start editing slides like PowerPoint and will not get great results. The key as I now understand is the story. Obvious to you but I thought that clicking away will result in something useful.

I now realize that if you add a workflow wizard and make people record timing script and then add slides and shape them even filling the table you have in the book in the app you would give a solution and not just a graphic editor.

After reading the book and most people don’t read I have much more appreciation for the solution and can picture myself doing something cool with it. In fact last night I started on the script of one on about 10 explainers I need to do for various ventures.

Hope it helps.

Roy D.”

Roy Makes some great point. ​ Let us know what you think too! ​ Here is the link to the corrected version of the book:http://www.powtoon.com/cartoonmarketing/​





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