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Guest Post By Alanna Jackson Jackson Marketing Services – Internet Marketing/Social Media/SEO

If your company is not currently using social media as part of its marketing plan, then I’m sure at some point it’s been considered.​ The question is what’s holding you back?​ Yes, social media can be time consuming and maybe that’s not a luxury you can afford right now; however, if you invest the time and money into a good social media marketing plan, then it will pay off in the long run.​ How?​ If done right, social media has the ability to increase your sales.​ 40% of businesses around the world have acquired new customers through social media (Hubspot).

This informative animated explainer video clip explains why social media is right for your business.

Check out this video for some more cool stats about social media!
The number of consumers and decision makers for other businesses online is enormous.​ The reach a company has with social media is so much bigger than there has ever been with traditional marketing.​ I’m not saying throw traditional marketing out the door.​ There’s a way to couple traditional marketing with online marketing, which can give you a big bang for your buck.

We live in a world where most people are virtually connected in some way at some point each day.​ Smart phones have especially increased the reach that you can have with other businesses and consumers.​ If you have a smart phone, then you probably have it with you the majority of the time.​ So, you have the ability to always be in the know on what’s happening with those you’re connected to through social media and to share that info with everyone else you’re connected to.

For example, let’s say Company XYZ tweets to its followers that they can go watch their latest PowToon offers an easy to use tool that works like PowerPoint.​ There’s a free version as well as paid versions.​ Visit Jackson Marketing Services website


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