Why Video Is Best for Making Social Media Marketing Campaigns Pop

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By now you know video is king with it comes to standing out with your social media marketing, but that doesn’t make it any less daunting for the novice creator. In fact, a healthy grasp of the role of video in today’s social media environment only adds to the pressure. Considering that 720,000 hours of new content are uploaded every day on YouTube alone, how do you stand out when jumping into the fray? The answer is with thoughtful, intentional, and well-designed videos to separate your social media marketing campaign from the competition.

Why Video Makes a Difference

There’s no arguing that video is the most effective medium in social media campaigns. Consider these statistics from 2022:

  • 70% of social media users have purchased an item from a brand after watching their YouTube ad
  • 87% of marketers indicate that video has a positive ROI
  • Users spend an average of 1-2 hours per day on Instagram
  • Viewers watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day.
  • 90% of consumers expect brands to produce content
  • 80% of consumers say user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions

It’s clear that social video marketing campaigns work. While video has been shown to be the best way to engage your target audience, creating great videos still requires time and effort. So if you’re going to invest in developing a marketing campaign that includes video, how can you make sure it’s worth the effort?

Essential Elements of a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Video is effective, but it’s not the only component of a successful social media strategy. A well-crafted social campaign should take several other factors into account, including:

Campaign Goals: What are you trying to accomplish with your campaign? Do you want more clicks? More social media followers? Strong post engagement? To create more potential customers? To bring awareness to an issue? To address existing customer concerns or questions? Before creating a video, you need to identify the key takeaways you want from your campaign to produce the perfect visual accompaniment.

Target Audience: Who is your audience? Is it existing customers? New customers? Users within a specific geographical area? Members of a certain industry, income bracket, or special-interest group? Defining your target audience will help you craft relevant content for your social media marketing campaign and distribute it effectively using ad-targeting tools on your chosen marketing channel.

Social Media Channel: Where will you run your campaign? The audience, content expectations, and video parameters will vary depending on the social platform you choose. Do your research so you know both the content parameters of each channel and its typical audience behavior. For example, Facebook videos posted as regular social media posts tend to be featured via the algorithm if they’re three minutes or longer – even though the average “watch time” is only ten seconds. However, Facebook Ads should only be 15 seconds long, with the viewing metric set at an even shorter three seconds. Before creating a video, identify where and how you want to post it to determine the ideal length, size, and orientation needed. 

Does that mean you can’t run a campaign on multiple social media channels? Of course not. But it does mean you’ll have to make some adjustments to your content and produce multiple videos to make sure each is optimized for a specific social network.

The Hook: No matter the length of video your social media platform recommends or the average watch length of its social media users, all videos need a hook within the first three seconds. With the firehose of visual content available, viewers have little patience for “boring” videos and are quick to scroll by if you don’t give them a reason to stick around. Tease the ending, overtly state the purpose, or use some other piece of information to “hook” your viewer and grab their attention before they scroll past.

Video + Strategy = A Great Social Media Marketing Campaign

Video is great, but a video made in conjunction with a well-crafted strategy creates a truly effective social media campaign. Do your research, craft a plan, and create a stand-out video to make your social campaign yield the results you want.

Choose a Great Platform for Video Creation

Ready to create stand-out videos for social media marketing campaigns? Choose Powtoon! Powtoon offers thousands of customizable templates to create eye-catching videos in minutes. Create live-action campaigns using your footage or choose from a vast library of royalty-free stock videos and images. Produce whiteboard doodles to explain how to use a product. Design infographics to help your followers understand complex ideas or processes. Customize animated characters to tell your brand’s story. With Powtoon, anything is possible for both the novice user and the experienced creator. Try creating a Powtoon for free!

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Hanna is Powtoon's Content Marketing Strategist. She joined Powtoon as a copywriter in 2019, after graduating from university with a specialized degree in marketing and business. She continues to inspire people to create incredible video content with blog posts, videos, guides, and more. Hanna's passions include reading, singing, and caring for animals (#proudvegan). Nothing makes her happier than waking up to her two black kitties who, contrary to popular belief, are good luck!
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