Phrases that keep your viewers’ attention — Listen up:

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You’re going to love this! Here’s your chance to capture your viewers’ attention and become a market leader using creative catchy phrases. Hang onto your seat because we are going to show you some great examples, as we use our own catchy phrases in the process! Isn’t that great?

I’ll bet you can guess what happens next:

This is great example of a presentation that uses amazing catchy phrases while discussing the frustration of pitching a business idea. Let’s break it down:

1) “So you’ve got this great idea”

Excellent way to begin, now we are on the edge of our seats. This can be used for any topic and is a great catchy phrase for intros.

2) “Here’s the thing”

This is a great opening to a clarification or solution, since it shows enthusiasm and empathy and also helps viewers focus. This is a very common and effective phrase that really cuts to the chase.

3) “Is there some magic way around this mental roadblock? “

This is an absolutely powerful phrase he has used here. This will make his viewers stick around for sure to hear the answer to this nagging problem. Mental roadblocks can be a problem in almost any aspect of life. This is a great, original, and effective phrase.

4) “You better believe there is”

This phrase instills faith and confidence and works well to create intrigue.

Can this be true? Who knew this video was a Powtoon about Powtoon?

Let’s try another one:

This really interesting Powtoon is about coffee and coffee makers. Sounds boring? It’s not boring at all. Everything you wanted to know about coffee and coffee makers is presented in this Powtoon. Let’s look at how they used catchy phrases. Shall we?

1) “Great coffee at home — you need 3 things”

This is an introduction to crucial tips. This kind of phrase keeps the viewers hooked, and prepares them for some key information.

2) “Coffee Buying Tips”

This is self-explanatory but offering tips is always important for any topic. Leading the viewers into the next stage of the video by offering tips is clever.

3) “Slow down”

Wait! The main character in the Powtoon is a bit ahead of himself and unprepared for his coffee maker-shopping spree, which prompts the “slow down.” This really helps the viewers focus. Sneaky! The term “slow down” can also be used when describing any problem that has not been thought through properly.

4) “Umm, what now?

Good question. Many of the viewers may be thinking this too or wanting more tips or more guidance. This phrase helps steer viewers in any desired direction.

Here is a list of a few more catchy phrases

• But here’s the problem…

• And don’t forget…

• Consider this:

• Here’s the real kicker:

• Now, you’re probably wondering…

So, just imagine how your next Powtoon will sound with awesome catchy phrases. Well, what are you waiting for? Make a Powtoon using one of our video templates today!

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