Presentations, effective presenting, presenting how-to, public speaking, public speaking tips, how to be a good presenter,

How to optimize the effectiveness of your presentation: Quick tip #6

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Look at me, look at me!!!

While it can be overwhelming to be the center of attention all the time, there are those specific instances where you want to make absolutely sure that you command the focus of everyone around you. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to act like the world revolves around you when you are giving a presentation… Because it should. Picture it- you are in front of your audience, presenting your material, and you want to make absolutely sure that the crowd only has eyes for you, because honestly, it’s a pretty bad reflection on your presentation skills when people start talking to one another, looking at their cell phones, falling asleep due to boredom, and so on… DON’T let this happen to you. Do whatever you can to keep the audience’s eyes on you at all times, and, more importantly, keep your eyes on them. It’s really hard to engage with people when you aren’t even look at them!

Quick tip #6: Minimize reading off of a script (do without if possible)

If you spend adequate time preparing for your presentation, script reading should be unnecessary. If you are worried about not remembering everything you want to say, or worried about not being able to stay organized without something to follow, have bullet points or flash cards that you can QUICKLY glance at. Trust me, being stuck behind a piece of paper while you are speaking is a sure fire way to get your audience to walk out of the room. If you remember back to our previous quick tips, audience engagement was something we heavily focused on, and the basis of engagement is eye contact; it’s fundamental. So just remember, look at your audience, speak with confidence, and it can never hurt to throw in a little humor because that can go a long way!

Presentations, effective presenting, presenting how-to, public speaking, public speaking tips, how to be a good presenter,

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