Editorial Cartoons: The Easiest Way To Make Editorial Cartoons, FREE

When you get editorial cartoons in an email – you stop what you’re doing and take a peak. When you see one on Facebook or Twitter – you stop scrolling and start laughing. (I’m sure you know that images are the #1 thing that people share on Facebook) They’re what you share, what you love and what you can’t get enough of. But the biggest problem with editorial cartoons is that they’re limited to the professionals. Imagine if you had an idea to make some hilarious ones yourself – how on earth would you be able to make one?

Here’s the great news: With PowToon – you can make as many editorial cartoons as your heart desires. You can make one to stand out on your next blog post, in an email to your subscribers, an in-office joke or just to share to your social media followers.

How To Make Editorial Cartoons With PowToon…In Just 3 Steps

1. Choose Your Scene

made with www.powtoon.com

For the first one I did – I chose the background found in the ‘Marker’ template, to set the scene. So, inside of PowToon Studio (as you see below) just click “Backgrounds” on the side panel and you’ll discover a library full of gorgeous templates to choose from.


Then, just click the background you want and…

…boom, it appears:


2. Choose Your Character

Once you choose your background for your scene, the next step is to choose a character. All you have to do is click on the ‘Animated Character’ or ‘Character’ menu and choose the one you want. I chose the Animated Character above, from the ‘Paper Cut’ template.

3. Choose Your Text

I chose to use a ‘Quote Box’ which you can find in the ‘Prop’ section in the sidebar. Then I clicked to add ‘Text’ on the menu at the top and you can edit your text instantly.

Here’s another quick one I made – just by uploading an individual cartoon image of Obama. I also chose my own background by uploading the American Flag. You can create any editorial cartoon you like, using it in as many creative and strategic ways you can dream of 🙂


These are the only 3 steps you need to make editorial cartoons with PowToon, for FREE.

We have a library full of characters, backgrounds, fonts, hundreds of props and a ton more for you to use.​ So go on an unleash your own creative genius with PowToon right now. Click here to sign up for your free account and start making as many editorial cartoons as your heart desires 🙂


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