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How to Create Super Engaging Videos and Keep People Watching Longer [Video Influencer Interview]

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There’s some serious data out there that backs up the fact that video is more engaging than standard copy. The challenge is that many marketers are attempting to take a plunge into video, but they find that their video content isn’t making as much of a splash amongst their audience as they’d like.

To avoid belly flopping, we’re here to help you gain a better understanding of how to engage your audiences to spread your message through likes, comments, and shares. And what better way to do that than to interview the best and brightest in video marketing, so…  Powtoon’s Chief Evangelist took to the streets to interview Awesome Creator Academy’s Roberto Blake — see what he had to say. Hint: It’s all about knowing your audience. Let’s dive in.

Ask Questions Early

When you’re posting videos on social media but not getting engagement, it’s best to consider the context of your message. Why should your piece of content matter to your viewers?

One way to hook your audience and get them to engage is to ask them a question early on in your video! Don’t wait until the end to ask those questions because there’s a good chance a lot of people will have checked out of the video by then. Grab attention and rope them in during those first few seconds.

Ask the Right Questions!

Following up on that idea, what kinds of questions should you be asking your audience to gain better engagement? Instead of asking your audience, “What do you think my next video should be about?” ask your audience about their pain points. Let viewers tell you what they’re currently struggling with or challenged by, so you can make a video to address their needs directly (e.g. One great example of this is our Ask Jonny series). In the end, this will enable you to create content that caters specifically to them, instead of you, the content creator.

Not All Platforms Are the Same

When sharing your content, respect the context and culture of each specific platform. For example, how is the culture for engagement different between platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter?

Be sure to leverage and respect those differences. Also, be sure to repurpose your content, but make sure not to repackage it the same way on each channel. That means, no one wants to see the same caption text schmeared across all your channels. Make sure to make your messaging uniquely awesome for each channel, even if the core of what you’re saying will stay the same from Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram. Again, tune into those subtle cultural differences between platforms.

But Wait, There’s More!

If you want your viewers to engage with your video content, the key is to serve up the right questions that get their minds thinking, and their fingers clicking, liking, and sharing. To learn more about how to ask the right questions, be sure to check out Episode 1 of the #MakeItAwesome show, where Renee Teeley gets even more insights from Awesome Creator Academy’s Roberto Blake on the subject.

Got any key tips to drive engagement? Let us know in the comments below or on YouTube. Last but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to Powtoon’s YouTube channel for more episodes of the #MakeItAwesome Show with Renee Teeley and more awesome content from the Powtoon team!

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Shoshi Davis

Shoshi joined Powtoon as a Marketing Assistant. To read more of her stuff, you can find her content on Upwork and Business 2 Community talking all things inbound marketing for SaaS. After only 2 weeks at Powtoon, Shoshi was dubbed by the marketing team as having the superpower of "Unbridled Enthusiasm." So that was pretty cool.
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