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How video marketing can help your small business thrive

As a small business, why should you bother with video marketing? Perhaps you have already identified a target audience. Perhaps you already have substantial website traffic, ​ good sales, decent conversions, and so on. Everything, overall, seems to be going well, but is that enough? You know you can ALWAYS do better!

Consider this fact: ​ A growing number of web searches are now being done on YouTube as opposed to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

That’s right! In fact, younger audiences don’t really tend to use google at all for initial searches! The future of content outreach, and audience engagement, is in video. This is our current reality, and it’s simple why this is; videos produce more relevant and immediate results, especially for a younger audience (and, let’s be honest, they’re not as fond of reading as we old folks are). At the same time, studies also show that adults aren’t reading website text as much anymore either. I put a lot of effort into optimizing this page for SEO, marketing content, and other things that don’t immediately benefit you or fulfill your needs–and it shows. Chances are you won’t even finish reading this post! But let me at least provide you with some great video marketing insights before you flee!

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is divided into 4 groups by function:

1) Video marketing channels: Building an audience by providing original content through YouTube or other platforms.

2) Advertising: Promotional content on YouTube or TV.

3) Message delivery: Videos are a great format for explaining concepts or conveying messages that are difficult with straight text.

4) Booster: Expand your existing marketing channels with video to add engagement.

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Video marketing examples:​
Video marketing can be extremely effective! Here are some specific video marketing examples:

* Call-to-action enhancement

* Landing page engagement

* Video content marketing

Of course, video marketing requires short videos….

It’s actually getting far cheaper, and easier, to create videos for your marketing needs. You don’t need an expensive marketing agency or design studio either! All you need is a service like to easily make your own animated videos. Studies show that short animated videos are more effective than longer, more complex presentations anyways. So how long is best? Just about 1 minute, and in many cases, you can manage with much less.

Ready to get started on you own Video Marketing campaign? It’s easy with a free Powtoon account!

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