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How to Install PowToon on Edmodo

Read Time: 2 minutes

If you are a teacher or a student we have great new for you: PowToon is now available on Edmodo, the leading social site for schools.

Edmodo users can now install the Powtoon App and access the special membership that features teacher + 30 students. Edmodo enhances Powtoon with its collaboration and monitoring tools. Simply look us up in Edmodo and install the app.

So here is how you can install Powtoon within your Edmodo account:

Step 1: When logged in to your Edmodo account click on the “Go to Store” link on the right column

Powtoon on Edmodo













Step 2: Select “Tools and Utilities”

Powtoon on Edmodo 2













Step 3: Scroll down towards the bottom and select the Powtoon App


Powtoon on Edmodo 3













Step 4: Chose to Install as teacher or student


Powtoon on Edmodo 4














There you go. ​ Happy Powtooning!


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