How Teachers And Students Are Using PowToon To Flip The Classroom

Isn’t PowToon an amazing tool to spread your message? ​ Here are two great examples of how teachers and students use PowToon to do it!


Getting the audience’s “Buy In”​


Green Human Project using Powtoon
Teacher Uses Powtoon to get the class Motivated: ​ Green Human Project

Teacher Elizabeth Frank:​ “I decided to create a PowToon to introduce this Project Based Learning assignment because I was bored with just giving the students a “letter” or “email” from the company as an entry event. I thought a PowToon would really get the point across and get the students excited about the project they were starting. Most of my classes responded with clapping and a “That was awesome!”. To say the least they were really impressed! I have had several groups ask if they could use​ PowToon for the presentation aspect of this project.

I loved using PowToon and am desperately trying to figure out another way to incorporate it into my classroom.
Thanks again!”



Even an 8 year old can sell​


The Coolest Kid in School Uses Powtoon
The Coolest Kid in School Uses Powtoon

Check out this Powtoon​ created by the most adorable 8 year old! ​ Here is what his father told us ​ “My boy is the proudest 8 year old you have ever seen. He is strutting around the school after making such a great video.”

Green Human Project

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