15 Ways to Use Your iPhone in the Classroom

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steve_jobs_iphone_appsIntegrating technology into the classroom can be​ tedious and scary, but it doesn’t have to be; In fact, you can do loads of cool, techy things without even venturing further than your iPhone.​ Yes, your iPhone is a source of infinite classroom technological power! (and by iPhone, I mean pretty much any smart phone).

The list of apps and tools compiled below can be integrated into your classroom so easily, that before you know it, you’ll be giving tech lessons to your peers!

So, let’s jump right to it!

15 great Uses for your iPhone in the Classroom:

1. Google Maps – Where the heck is that? No matter what subject you teach, Google Maps allows you to easily integrate geography into the lesson. For example, are you teaching algebra? It’s roots are in France and Persia. Are you reading Hamlet? Show your students where those great English poets came from!

2. Common Core State Standards – MasteryConnect has designed an amazing app that presents you with detailed information about each standard via grade and subject area. ESL and students with special needs are also found right in the app. ​ The app was especially designed to be user-friendly and boast a very simple interface.

keep-calm-and-speak-with-a-british-accent-73. Accents – Need I say more? There is nothing more humorous for students than listening to a person with an accent (Posh English accents or ​ Australians talking about crocodiles seem to be a big hit!). ​ If you want to stay local and showcase accents via state, then have your students repeat the same phrase from local areas i.e, a Native Yorker, Texan or even a surfer from California. Try out​ Accent Karaoke​ or​ Great Youtube clips of English accents​ to get a laugh! ​

4. Automated Student Picker – How do you pick a student the fair, quick and democratic way- Without writing out all the names on crumpled pieces of paper and throwing them into a bowl? ​ Pick a Student app. Type in the names of the students in your class and save multiple class lists. At the click of a button your student has been randomly chosen.

5. Communicating with parents – The fastest and most effective way to reach a parent is via texting. SMS works best because it’s the default on all phones but WhatsApp is free and comes in a close second. If both options are unavailable you can email or even….dare I say it, use the phone to call the parents and actually speak with them!

6. Note Taking – Evernote or any other note-taking app is essential for any teacher. For example, if you get a random idea in the middle of a lesson, jot it down! ​ If you just ran out of ​ red markers for class, make a note on your supply list!

7. Shoot Video –​ At the end of each class, record your students doing a specific task or saying a quotation and upload it to a classroom blog (such as kidblog). ​ When the last days of ​ the school year hit, compile all the videos in a slideshow or animated movie and present it to your class.

8. Picture Time- Similar to video, take pictures of students holding up projects or reports! Have them act out historical scenes or stand next to their science experiments. Compile these pictures into a slideshow or animated Powtoon for graduation day.

9. Voice Activation and Reference – As a reference tool nothing is faster than Siri, unless you’re not a native English speaker, ​ ( “What is the capital of Khazakistan?” might be repeated as “what is irrational Pacman?”) ​ If that’s the case then a good ‘ole Google search solves the problem as a quick reference finder.

sponsored video10.Field Trip Review- Take pictures of animals, paintings or exhibits on your field trip to review in class. These pictures serve as a ​ great reference for memory skills, memory games and visuals for quizzes or bonus points on a test.

11. Field Trip App, even better!

Next time you take a class trip, surprises will surround you! ​ When you get close to something interesting, a card pops up with details about the location such as local food, historical facts, or the nearest bathroom! No click required, The Field Trip app runs the background on your phone.​ The best part is that you can have the info read to you without the students hearing, via bluetooth!

12. Stopwatch and Funny Alarms

Hand out an assignment to your students and choose a funny ringtone to set off the alarm (preferably relevant to the lesson “The British are Coming!”). Functions like Reminders, stopwatches, flashlight and even the good o’le calculator are very quick and handy go-to tools.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 3.55.38 PM13. Capture and Store!

Did you create a great lesson plan, or draw a hysterical comic on the board for the class? Are you grading papers and need a copy of a certain students test/homework assignment. Just snap a picture, sit back and relax bc this item is now stored. Oh and make sure you’re backed up in the cloud!

14. Skype or Viber an Expert!

This is great if you want to have Q&A with an scientist/author/museum curator or any other expert. You can even Skype a fellow teacher one floor up and sing happy Birthday!​

15. Kindle!

This is the place to store your books and use them as reference in class, highlight and bookmark relevant pages so you can quickly ​ ‘flip’ to the right page.

Hope you enjoyed these 15 great iPhone apps and tools for the classroom! Check out 13 more simple and Awesome ways to integrate technology into the classroom, and let us know how you’ve used your iPhone or mobile phone in the classroom!

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