Teachers of Twitter: Best EDU Tweets of 2019 (So Far)

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The teachers who use video in the classroom and encourage their students to push the technological boundaries are rewarded with awesomeness. Don’t believe me? Well, that’s why I created this roundup of the best EDU Tweets of 2019 so far. Let’s take a tip or two from the top teachers of Twitter.

Ready… GO!

Pupils and Presentations

The best way to enter a contest is with Powtoon! These adorable students (sorry, pupils) from Marr College in Scotland celebrated heading to the finals of a competition after using Powtoon to create an awesome Powtoon advertisement!

Authors that Inspire

We love this author study project idea! Get your students to discover the amazing authors behind their favorite books. This twist on the classic biography classroom project is sure to get your students to take a deeper look at the minds and hearts of the creators behind those books that bring them joy!

Into literary analysis? Use this project to get student researching about the author of the book they read for class. Then have them make a Powtoon analyzing the background of the author to uncover how that might have affected their writing.  

Study for Exams

Reviewing materials for tests can be scary and overwhelming, but this Tweet showing students used Powtoon to study, got us breathing a little easier. Make a Powtoon to help students review for an upcoming exam or get your students to make their own Powtoons to reinforce what they learned. Also shoutout to all of our EDU users in South Africa!

ESL Gets a Makeover

Teachers teaching teachers? Rock on! If English as a Second Language (ESL) is your thing, we have a good feeling you’re gonna like this one. This ESL coordinator used Powtoon (as an alternative to a standard, boring presentation).

If you’re looking to present something at parent-teacher conferences, a facility-wide event, or proposing an idea to the administration, use Powtoon to grab attention and get listeners engaged!

Passion Projects

First of all, how cool is the picture in this Tweet?! Passion projects or genius hour is no stranger to the Powtoon studio, but it’s totally worth mentioning (also teachers are always posting about it!).

Assign students to spend a percentage of class time learning something they’re passionate about. Then use Powtoon to turn your students into tiny teachers! Have them make presentations (or videos) in Powtoon to deliver their insights to classmates.

Stop(motion) Climate Change

The Halcyon London International School blew us away with a student-made video project all about the Greenhouse effect. A brilliant use of photoshop and stop motion, this video is educational gold.

Share Your Video Successes With Powtoon!

Using Powtoon in a unique way at your school? Share them with us on social media for a chance to be featured! Tag us at @powtoon or by using the hashtag #powtoon or #powtoonforEDU.

Can’t wait to see what you awesome teachers roll out with next!

Stay awesome!

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