The 12 Best Video Templates to Get an Edge in College

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Picture this: you just finished your rockin’ research report for Intro to Neuroscience and you now need to present your findings to the class. Your peers are all planning to make a slideshow, but as a brainiac, you know the COGNITIVE benefits of video and animation. 

I can already hear you shouting back at the screen: “That report is due TOMORROW! Who has time to create a video?!” That’s where video templates come in. Using video templates to create original videos is faster and easier than you think. To prove it, I’ve gathered up the 12 best video templates to give you an edge in college this year. 

How I Get an Edge in College

As a college student, I can personally attest to the value of captivating videos. Whether presenting research in the classroom, setting the agenda at the start of a club meeting, or differentiating yourself in the job search through the use of a video resume, the applications for video are endless. And using a platform like Powtoon makes creating videos for college easy.

Don’t have time to explore all of Powtooon’s incredible video templates? I had a hunch — after all, you are an overachiever — so to save you even more time and help you crush this school year, I have boiled down the very best of Powtoon into a five-minute read. Take a look at these 12 AMAZING video templates that will help you get the very most out of your college experience.    

Without further ado… let’s dive right in!

Best Video Templates for Academics

Presenting research is a triumphant moment where you get to show off all of your hard work and educate others about your findings. But so often, students put together word-dense slideshow presentations that are dull, tedious, and simply boring. Powtoon, however, finds a happy medium between stimulating the visual and auditory senses to give your presentations the “wow” factor.

Present your research projects with the research summary template


After you have spent countless hours perfecting your research report, it is commonplace to be asked to present your findings. This template is a great way to demonstrate your discoveries in an informative, concise manner. 

But why stop there? Presentations don’t only take place at the end of a research project. What about the during? In fact, many professors encourage students to present their progress halfway through their report. This enables students to learn from their fellow classmates’ research techniques and allows the professor to monitor students’ progress. This template offers the opportunity to find a common ground between the present and the future, outline your project goals, and paint the bigger picture. 

Create a topic overview presentation with the timeline template


In classes that don’t have an individual research component, students often conduct case studies on topics that aren’t necessarily covered in class. In this sense, students have the opportunity to teach a mini-lesson to promote class learning. I have personally given tons of presentations! The Timeline template is an excellent way to put your case study into context and demonstrate your expertise.

Best Video Templates for Extracurricular Activities 

We’ve all heard it before: college is about finding (or attempting to find) a balance. But in all honesty, extracurricular activities are an incredible place to channel your passions while demonstrating leadership skills. Effective communication is vital in ensuring your campus organization’s success and these Powtoon video templates get the job done right.  

Club recruitment template


Imagine this: it’s the first week of freshman year and you are walking through an expo featuring endless aisles of tri-fold boards detailing why you should join that organization. Each blends into the next. You walk out with 55 paper handouts, a lot of stress, and zero idea of what clubs you want to join. Could you tell I’ve been through this before? Don’t be another tri-fold board. Make your club memorable by creating a Powtoon video describing your club’s initiatives, where/when you meet, what new members could expect and distribute it via email and social media. You could even display it at the next club expo to stand out! 

Club welcome video


The first club meeting of the year is arguably the most important, making it vital that you communicate what your organization is all about. Use this template to kick off the meeting by introducing officers, detailing initiatives, and perhaps most significant, making prospective members feel like you genuinely want them to join your organization. 

Club agenda template


You have already used Powtoon to gain a ton of awesome new club members, so now it is time to get the ball rolling. Let’s get to the good stuff: weekly meetings! Students are generally involved in several campus organizations, making their time EXTREMELY valuable. Nobody wants to sit through a meeting with no direction — it feels like a waste. Therefore, when leading a club meeting, it is imperative that you have a clear vision of what will be discussed. This animated agenda template helps guide the meeting by ensuring that everyone is on the same page from the get-go. 

In the academic realm, this template could be used to guide group project meetings. By outlining target goals, it helps keep all group members on task and better manage expectations of what will be accomplished in the given time frame.   

Club resource template


Pre-professional clubs are a great way to delve deep into a field of interest by staying updated on-campus recruitment events, learning valuable skills to prepare for job interviews, and connecting with individuals who hold common interests. Use this template as a learning resource to educate peers about relevant topics.

Event publicity template 


To state the rather obvious, an event without guests is a flop. Period. There are hundreds of student organizations on every college campus, most of which host at least one event during the academic year — that’s A LOT of events! Odds are, there are days when multiple organizations hold an event on the same day. So how do you get people to choose your event over the rest? The answer: Powtoon. Use this template to inform people about the logistical details of your event and communicate why it is worth their time to come. 

Informative template


Your extracurricular involvement says a lot about you as a person. How you choose to spend your time outside of the classroom demonstrates your passions and interests. To get to know you better, people may want to learn more about what organizations you participate in and what you have accomplished throughout your involvement. Why not show them a Powtoon? 

In a more formal context, this template could be used to inform potential employers about what you accomplished in the extracurricular space. Differentiate yourself by attaching your Powtoon to your LinkedIn profile. 

Candidacy introduction template 


I had it easy when I ran for President of my high school class. With the last name Love, the possibilities are endless (I eventually went with a Beatles themed “All You Need is Love” campaign). But for those who don’t have a slogan transferable name, videos are a great way to introduce yourself and convey your platform in a fun, creative way. Post your Powtoon on social media, send it via email, or play it at a club meeting to demonstrate why you are the right person for the job!


If you haven’t participated in a hackathon yet, DO IT! It’s challenging, stressful, but more importantly, rewarding. If this is unfamiliar territory, please allow me to explain. Hackathons are gatherings where individuals interested in software development collaborate on a technology-related project in a relatively short time period to (hopefully) find a solution to the problem posed by the conference organizers. In simplest terms: find a solution to a problem through computer programming. Wow, that was a lot of information, but bear with me. At the end of every hackathon, each team needs to present their project proposal to the judges. This is where Powtoon comes in!

Hackathon template


This template is a meaningful way to introduce your team, illustrate your understanding of customer pain points, and introduce your solution. For more intricate presentations, your team could also demo how your project operates and discuss customer and company benefits. Use this video template to perfectly pitch your proposal and wow the judges.

Video Resumes 

Paper resumes — I’m yawning just thinking about it. It’s almost as if there is a global conspiracy to make them as boring as possible. On paper, it is quite easy to sound robotic. This unfortunate drawback plus people’s tendency to use antiquated design templates equals a recipe for disaster. But in the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Video resumes offer the opportunity to let your personality shine, highlight your strengths, and show your creative side. Give video resumes a try!   

Video resume template


Strike a balance between your professional and creative side with this video template. Discuss your skills, qualifications, and interests in a visually appealing format. Remember to keep it short and sweet; clear and concise communication will take you far in the recruitment process. 

Student Entrepreneurship 

Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Larry Page: three billionaire entrepreneurs who all brought their empires to life in a college dorm room. Nowadays, university-sponsored entrepreneurship centers, innovation grants, and seed incubators are becoming increasingly commonplace. Check out this article to see which universities are best at embracing student entrepreneurship (maybe yours made the list!). 

Here’s the bottom line: if you have a good idea, go for it! All you need is a plan of action, a lot of grit, and POWTOON to be successful in your venture.

Entrepreneurship template


Use this template to introduce your brilliant product or service in a memorable way. Whether presenting to a potential customer, a prospective seed investor, or a judge at a grant competition, this template is sure to seal the deal for your business.  

SO… Which Video Template Will YOU Use to Crush College This Year?

With all the potential to elevate your college life with video, there is literally almost no end to the possibilities at hand. Did one of these templates get your creativity flowing? Let me know which templates resonate with you the most in the comments below! 

Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for Powtoon yet, time’s a wastin’! Sign up today and see for yourself what makes Powtoon so AWESOME!

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