Brenntag Transforms Monotonous Training Courses into Engaging Videos

Discover how creating videos with Powtoon has allowed Brenntag to create a culture of positive learning and internal course championing.

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Brenntag is the global market leader in a full-line range of chemical & ingredient products and value-added services. The company provides tailor-made application, marketing, and supply chain solutions, with a full-line portfolio of specialty and industrial chemicals and ingredients from a world-class supplier base. Building on its long-standing experience, unmatched global reach and local excellence, Brenntag works closely alongside its partners to make their businesses more successful. Brenntag operates a unique global network with about 600 locations in 72 countries.

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The digital learning team at Brenntag faced obstacles in keeping their video content fresh, modern, and engaging. Many of their existing video resources for training and communications were outdated with an “old school” style. They aimed to breathe new life into their content by incorporating vibrant animations and graphics. However, their current tools limited their ability to produce the kind of high-quality, professional animations they envisioned. With a desire to revamp their stale content and inject energy through slick animated videos, Brenntag searched for the right solution. They identified Powtoon as the ideal platform to create the kind of modern, lively animations that would grab employee attention and communicate messages effectively.


Off-the-Shelf Animation

Powtoon’s drag-and-drop flexibility means creators on the digital learning team can simply grab pre-designed graphics on demand – no matter their skill level. Before Powtoon, creation was an incredible challenge. Now, the team consistently produces high-quality videos with ease and confidence. “With Powtoon, everything is ready-made,” explained Global Digital Learning Manager, Gergely Rohmann. “If you need an animated character, background, or object, you can just grab it off the shelf”.

Localized Trainings

While English works for some, local staff in many countries require training in their native language. As a global company in 72 countries, Brenntag is now able to easily localize its videos into other languages beyond English. “More and more platforms are getting to the point where they offer this, but Powtoon already comes with top-notch voice over tools,” said Rohmann. His team uses Powtoon’s flexible localization capabilities to create videos in English, translate the scripts, and plug them back into their videos with localized narration and text. This has enabled Brenntag to efficiently produce videos in 14 languages, ensuring staff worldwide can benefit from customized learning.

Positive Learning Culture

Mandatory corporate training often has a bad reputation for being boring and tedious. The Brenntag team has completely transformed this misconception by using Powtoon animated videos to deliver required learnings in a more engaging, easily digestible format. After creating just two training modules with Powtoon, Brenntag instantly saw great success with extremely positive employee feedback. Employees were thrilled that dry subject matter could be presented enjoyably through video, sparking excitement and positivity around Brenntag’s learning culture.

The Results

The global digital learning team at Brenntag has been able to create training courses in refreshed formats for impactful continued employee development using Powtoon. The team has transformed their learning materials into engaging videos covering topics such as compliance, legal, antitrust, code of conduct, military, negotiations, communication, and more.

After publishing their new training videos onto their LMS platform, Brenntag saw immediate success in terms of both course results and employee feedback. On optional Powtoon training courses, Brenntag instantly saw engagement growth of up to 15% over previous course formats. “This uptick was so significant as it also occurred on several courses that we didn’t promote heavily,” expressed Rohmann, “So we could see a clear indication that employees are now actively championing our training courses internally.” Brenntag’s video-based courses enabled by Powtoon have made learning more enjoyable across their organization.

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