Change Management Group (CMG) Helps Clients Adapt Faster with Engaging Powtoon Content

Change Management Group (CMG), a leading management consulting firm specializing in retail and consumer industries, creates bite-sized videos that prepare clients for training sessions on change initiatives.

“Powtoon has helped us achieve more interesting and engaging client communications,” says Eric Anderson, Head of Training (US) at CMG, “by enabling us to produce short, professional-looking video assets within a day.”

Learn more about how Eric and the L&D team at CMG have used dynamic Powtoon videos to help clients understand change and adapt to it faster.

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US employees
trained on change management using Powtoon content

2 Programs

Successfully launched using bite-sized
Powtoon videos for
prep materials

1 Day

To create prep materials with Powtoon (rather than 21 days with agencies)


CMG is a consulting firm with a 20 year history delivering strategic change and transformation in large organizations across the retail and consumer sectors. Based in London, with offices in Dubai and the US, CMG helps many international clients with large change management initiatives from ERP implementations, to cloud migrations, Oracle optimization and full training programs to support.

CMG strives to deliver change that lasts and innovation is key to their work. The firm’s key service offerings include technology-led transformation, business transformation, culture & organization change, digital change, and cross-sector consulting.

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The training team at CMG needed to improve adoption rates for new change initiatives. They knew that informing and educating employees in an engaging way would motivate faster and more meaningful change. However, creating these materials meant working with professional video editors and agencies, which could be expensive and time consuming.

In addition, since retail employees do not have a lot of time for training, but still have high pressure around goals and deadlines to adopt change, the information needed to be packaged as engaging, bite-sized videos that the employees would consume in short blocks of time.


Preparing Learners for Training

Using Powtoon, CMG created pre-training videos for employees at client sites. They produced these videos within 1-day to explain the reasons for change, key benefits, timelines, and milestones of the ERP project. With many options to easily create animated content with many customization and branding options, CMG trainers produced and distributed a series of pre-training videos that helped employees feel empowered to the full training. These activities are vital in driving adoption for change management projects.

Reduced Timelines From Storyboard to Publishing

"One of the biggest challenges for me and my team when it comes to video and visual communications is getting a script and storyboard approved by the client quickly," says Eric Anderson, Head of Training (US) at CMG. Powtoon’s simple and user-friendly interface enables CMG to produce videos faster, cutting down on overall content creation time as a result.

Create Videos for Every Client’s Need

As CMG works with many global clients, videos need to be personalized for each client’s branding requirements. In addition to customizable features that allow for branding, CMG also uses Powtoon features such as voice-over, templates, and on-screen graphic and text.


The Training team has used pre-training videos to educate and inform over 600 employees in US client organizations so far, and even more in the UK and Middle East.

We’re definitely seeing a high level of uptake for these Powtoon videos, and the speed with which we can create content means they are a key part of our training service,” says Eric Anderson, Head of Training (US) at CMG.

Comparing traditional tools used in training, Anderson states that Powtoon is “significantly more engaging than PowerPoint.” Based on his real-life experience with the tool, he also says that Powtoon is an easy entry point for anyone who has created a PowerPoint deck. CMG looks forward to using Powtoon with more clients to raise awareness of change initiatives and drive adoption rates.

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