nPower Business Solutions Creates Engaging Training Videos at Lightning Speed with Powtoon

nPower Business Solutions, a leading UK industrial and commercial energy solutions provider, creates ultra-engaging video content at lightning speed with Powtoon. Discover how they train over 1,000 employees and increase their monthly content output by 400%.

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As one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers to the industrial and commercial (I&C) sector, nPower Business Solutions (part of E.ON) draws on an in-depth understanding of the energy market and business energy needs to create solutions that are both innovative and practical. Working with more than 20,000 businesses across different sizes and operating in a range of industries, nPower Business Solutions helps customers to better understand and manage their energy consumption and use their expertise, knowledge and technology to help customers build greater profitability, resilience and sustainability.

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When the pandemic mandated remote working, many non-frontline employees had to radically change how they communicated with customers – whether that was reverting to letters, emails, or the new customer query portal. At the same time, teams were beginning to integrate the previously separate nPower and E.ON businesses, and needed to be confident in how they communicated with customers under the new brand - applying communication and tone of voice guidelines as well as maintaining excellent customer experience and reducing the potential for queries or complaints.

Refresher training for both customer-facing and internal colleagues on these guidelines and their use in different scenarios would help reinforce and build knowledge and skills. The Learning and Development team at nPower Business Solutions needed a way to train employees and communicate why this training was critical to the company’s brand. They wanted to create videos that keep employees engaged while minimising the content creation time.


Engaging Multiple Audiences

The L&D team at nPower Business Solutions creates standalone videos and videos that are part of a more extensive Storyline training package. Powtoon helps make this content more engaging by using scenario-based learning examples. At the end of the training, the employees are assessed with practice emails.

Seamless Brand Cohesion

“In addition to training content, Powtoon also helps us create engaging videos that highlight the importance of keeping communications on-brand,” said Lesley Moore, Learning Content Developer. “Our colleagues’ knowledge and skills continue to be enhanced around using professional language, tone of voice, writing style, and grammar so that we can maintain a consistent feel for all external communications.”

5x More Monthly Content

The team has gone from creating two videos a month to ten videos a month. “Powtoon templates and stock footage really speed up our video creation process. It also lets you record voice-overs directly from the platform without picking up on background noise,” said Lesley Moore.


In one of the use cases, the company has replaced 17 annual classroom training sessions with one training video so far. “It was super-easy for the team to get started with Powtoon. We even use the Powtoon template library for inspiration before we create content now,” said Lesley Moore, Learning Content Developer. “In the past, our biggest pain point was user engagement. But the videos we created for the written communication training were so engaging for our audience. It was also very cost-effective.”

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