Metagenics Drives Brand Awareness with Engaging Explainer Videos

Metagenics, a lifestyle medicine company, creates engaging educational materials faster using Powtoon. Discover how they cut down worktime and increase engagement with videos made in a single platform from start to finish.

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Metagenics is a global personalized lifestyle medicine company that offers innovative, high-quality, science-based nutritional supplements, medical foods, and lifestyle programs to support healthcare practitioners in their efforts to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. With a heritage of breakthrough science, innovative products, unsurpassed quality, practitioner education, and dedicated partnerships, Metagenics has become one of the most trusted health and wellness brands worldwide.

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The training and education teams at Metagenics were using an elementary animation tool to create engaging learning materials. Their biggest challenge was the need to create more dynamic video content for trade show booths to explain health and supplement protocols to integrative health practitioners. Unfortunately, their existing tool lacked the a variety of features needed to create professional, interactive content. As part of their customer-facing communications, the team sought to introduce a platform that was easy to use, provided diverse visual choices, allowed them to maintain brand compliance, and provided a place to collaborate with teammates.


Professional videos made easier

The flexibility of Powtoon’s platform allows the Metagenics team to easily create quality learning videos quickly using templates to simplify the work. “Until now, we actually had two Canon cameras that we used to film and cut videos traditionally,” said Kandy Keller, Tradeshow and Events Manager at Metagenics.

Strengthening brand recognition

With an outpouring of positive responses from patients, Metagenics has used its videos to increase visibility within a population that wasn’t previously a focus. “Powtoon really helped us gain brand awareness, especially with the doctors wanting to know about our products and have our videos playing in their own waiting room.”

Breaking down complex ideas

Before using Powtoon, the team was using unsophisticated software to create video loops for their trade show booths. Since they started replacing vague videos with Powtoons, Keller says, “We have produced over 12 different videos for our practitioner groups and our patient groups, and Powtoon has made the education simple –– even for our own team. Our reps thank us for explaining our products in this format. It comes across so much better.”


The training and education teams at Metagenics have successfully created 12+ professional, on-brand videos that support their education initiatives. The content has been used to train their own representatives and over 2,000 practitioners and patients on their product lines, the scientific processes, and the ultimate health benefits. “Imagery speaks louder than words. For patients, the videos help them understand their health in depth, which allows them to take a more proactive approach. For doctors, it helps them grasp the scientific evidence of our products’ effectiveness,” explained Keller. The platform has allowed the team to share QR codes in their videos that allow them to survey viewers on other information or educational needs. In addition, Powtoon videos have become one of the products that the Metagenics team offers for doctors. The result has been incredible brand awareness with, “more and more requests from practitioners to show their patients these videos with our branding.”

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