Page Group Supercharges
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After transitioning from Adobe AfterEffects to Powtoon, Page Group’s global L&D team were able to create engaging microlearning videos, saving hours each day. Discover how they increased their productivity by 17% and combined LMS usage with bite-sized videos.

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Page Group is a global leader in recruiting and provides recruitment services locally, regionally, and globally. The company is a FTSE 250 organization, operating in 37 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. The group’s specialized recruitment teams have successfully matched over 6,500 employees with their employers so far. Page Group, which was established in the UK in 1976, includes the four core brands Michael Page, Page Personnel, Page Executive, and Page Outsourcing. The mission of the company is to change people’s lives by creating opportunities and helping them reach their potential.

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Page Group’s Global Digital Learning team creates and manages e-learning programs for all employees. The team was looking to create bite-sized, engaging videos to serve through their learning management system, 360Learning. “Before Powtoon, we were using AfterEffects and it required much more time to produce each video,” said Carla Tavares, Senior Manager, Global Digital Learning. The team needed to improve the productivity and output of video creation across 3 programs: core, management, and leadership. They also had to ensure that all content was branded, professional, and accessible. Due to the company’s global reach, the videos needed to cater to seven languages, have close captions and be available for mobile learning.


Bite-Sized Videos for Microlearning

“We want to let people learn on the go, and Powtoon allows us to create these bite-sized videos, whether they are more serious or more dynamic and fun”. The videos are seamlessly added to the current LMS and distributed through employee desktops and mobile devices.

Efficiency Through Reusable Templates

Page Group uses Powtoon to create video templates for core, management, and leadership e-learning programs. The reusability of templates allows the Global Digital Learning team to create a two-minute video in less than four hours now―a significant 17% improvement in employee productivity.

On-Brand and Accessible

Bite-sized videos created on Powtoon are branded using Page Group’s preferred color scheme and logos. This ensures brand consistency across geographies and teams. In addition, voice-over and close captions are used to enhance the accessibility of videos while facilitating better retention of content.


“I come from the world of instructional design, and I’ve used Powtoon in my previous role as well. Here at Page Group, Powtoon has had a big impact on my team’s productivity,” said Carla Tavares, Senior Manager, Global Digital Learning. “For example, it takes less than half a day for us to create a two-minute video now! We have saved time and money, and most importantly, built a highly engaged learning community that looks forward to our training material. The bite-sized videos we make on Powtoon are not only fun and engaging, but they also look very professional. That’s critical for a global company like Page Group.”

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