7 Great Examples of PowToon Videos 

Looking to make a Landing page video, an explainer, or a class assignment?  Here are 7 examples of how PowToon has been used to get you inspired.

Education PowToons

Marketing PowToons

Explainer Video


”I was bored with just giving the students a “letter” or “email” from the company as an entry event. I thought a PowToon would really get the point across and get the students excited about the project they were starting.

Most of my classes responded with clapping and a “That was awesome!”. I have had several groups ask if they could use PowToon for the presentation aspect of this project. 

I loved using PowToon Thanks again!” 

Elizabeth Frank, La Junta High School

TradeShow Marketing

"If the guys at PowToon were standing across from me right now, I’d jump up in the air and give them a big high five. We really experienced the magic of PowToon while presenting at tradeshows. After talking with visitors, I noticed some of the same questions were being asked over and over again and thought, “wow, I wish I could create a quick video presentation -right now- that addresses the issues of all these potential customers.” So, I went straight to PowToon - and within 15 minutes I was showing a professional presentation about Insightera’s real-time software to all my inquisitive visitors."

Yanir Calisar, Insightera

Getting Noticed with PowToon

Holiday Greeting Card