Powtoon for learning & development teams

L&D teams can do more with video

Create personalized learning and bite-sized videos to inspire employees and impress execs. Customize videos to match your brand and integrate them with any LMS.


Why L&D teams use Powtoon

Training Invites  & Recaps

Increase attendance rates with video invites that get employees excited for your next training session.

Video Microlearning

Create short video tutorials and courses that turn complex subjects into visually engaging learning materials.

Peer to Peer Learning

Equip employees with simple video creation tools to share skills and innovative ideas with the rest of the company.

Digital Transformation

Guide employees through upcoming changes with animated explainers and face-to-camera videos.

L&D teams rave about Powtoon

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“Powtoon enables us to share our best training explanations with our entire company. Until now, these lessons were exclusively provided during classroom lessons. But now, we make Powtoon videos available through our LMS. Students can watch the videos where, when, and as many times as they want.”

Roland Frei
Training eLearning Expert & Instructor

Powtoon is intuitive and helps create energized, fun, and attention-grabbing videos. It brings us into the future of learning.

Ami Sheffield
Instructional Designer

"Our company needed to create new training videos, we required an easy, intuitive, collaborative video creation tool that would provide our employees with the ability to create engaging content with minimum fuss. With Powtoon we created internal videos, using the ready made templates, delivering content on a global scale"

Delphine Dobbelaere
Performance Manager


Video Library

Enjoy 100s of learning and development video templates as well as millions of royalty-free images, music, and footage that you can combine with your own media and voiceover.


Screen & Webcam Recording

Record your screen, webcam, or both to deliver effective learning and development tutorials, courses, and walkthroughs.


Character Builder

Build your own branded characters by customizing their hair, clothing, facial expressions, and animated gestures.


Brand Control

Ensure your team has access to the right brand fonts, colors, characters, and templates — all in one place.


Team Collaboration

Manage user permissions, review and edit videos with your colleagues, and organize content in shareable folders.


Powerful Integrations

Integrate Powtoon with your current tools like LMS, LXP, Kaltura, SlideShare, and Google Drive.

There’s something for everyone

L&D Managers

Effortlessly create, manage, and distribute your learning & development videos  from one platform.


Unlock the power of P2P learning by giving employees simple tools to create their own knowledge-sharing videos.


Help your company stay head of the competition with a video-first approach to learning and development.

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