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Start using Powtoon with the Kaltura Media Space
- Folder organization & new template discovery
- Faster brand customization & company templates
- New translation workflow
- New text formats and styles
- Powerpoint import
- Lipsync - character, and voiceover syncing
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Why L&D Professionals Love Powtoon

“Powtoon allows us to engage with our learners in an interactive and fun way. It’s our go-to to bring the content to life.”
Amy Uhrig, Learning Experience Design Manager at EmployBridge
“Powtoon has elevated our L&D resources from antiquated training binders to lively and engaging content that speaks to our audience.”
Jennifer Baker, Senior Retail L&D Manager at Foot Locker
“Powtoon is intuitive and helps create energized, fun, and attention-grabbing videos. It brings us into the future of learning.”
Jennifer Baker, Senior Retail L&D Manager at Foot Locker

Transform Your Training Manuals into an Engaging Visual Learning Strategy

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