5 Tips for Creating Product Videos That Result in Sales

A strong product does not guarantee sales. To attract customers, you need to develop marketing content that clearly demonstrates why they should be interested in your particular product. One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to…

4 Ways Video Can Enhance Sales Presentations

No matter what you’re selling, you’re more likely to attract customers if your sales presentations are dynamic. There are many ways you can ensure they are interesting enough to make the right impression. Including video is one example. Video and…

how using video can fix all kinds of awkward hr conversations

How Video Easily Fixes All Types of Awkward HR Conversations

Handling awkward conversations is basically every HR professional‘s superpower. But at times, even the most courageous of us would rather sweep it all under the rug. What if I told you that some of those really hard conversations don’t necessarily…

5 Ways to Keep Your Videos On-Brand

With the great resignation of 2021, employers are struggling to retain talent and engage employees in a meaningful way. And it turns out, the secret to standing out and to connecting on an emotional level both internally and externally–is branding….

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