presentation ideas for learning and development teams

10 Presentation Ideas for Learning & Development Teams

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Many learning and development presentation topics are standard across companies: leadership development, cultural competency and diversity appreciation, sexual harassment prevention, and onboarding. If you’re looking to expand your offerings, here are some presentation ideas to consider.

Training Topic Presentation Ideas

1. Professional Communication

Different generations have different norms regarding what’s appropriate when communicating in a professional environment. Standards also vary by industry, company, and mode of communication. A primer on your company’s expected standards of written, email, text, and verbal communication will help get everyone on the same page. Address the basics but also touch on points like whether proper punctuation is expected in texts if emojis are appropriate in emails, and what fonts are ideal for your digital signature.

2. Giving and Receiving Feedback

Whether it’s a manager who regularly does performance evaluations or a new team member coming up on their 90-day review, every employee needs to know how to give and receive feedback appropriately.

3. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and regulate one’s emotions and to recognize and respond appropriately to the emotions in others. An emotionally intelligent staff naturally cultivates a healthy workplace environment. Presentation ideas around this topic include self-assessments to identify one’s level of emotional intelligence and exercises to improve it.

4. Public Speaking

Even if a job doesn’t technically involve public speaking, nearly every employee could benefit from public speaking skills. Whether it’s speaking up to present an idea in a staff meeting, making a sales pitch to a small group of executives, or giving an end-of-year team status report, speaking confidently in public is an important skill.

5. The Intergenerational Workplace

There are many ages represented in most workplaces, each with its own set of norms, expectations, values, and assumptions. Most employees need a little help to view employees of a different generation as an asset rather than a liability, so HR presentations focused on navigating the intergenerational workplace can be very helpful.

6. Customer Service

Everyone needs customer service skills, even if they’re not dealing directly with customers. Help employees understand who their “customer” is (even if it’s an internal team) and how they can demonstrate top-notch customer service in every interpersonal encounter.

7. Digital Literacy

No matter how tech-savvy an employee is, there’s always room for improvement. Presentation ideas include screen-capture tutorials of a software or technology tool using a presentation maker, social media training, or email management. 

8. Grit

Grit is a modern buzzword, but most people don’t have a clear understanding of what it means. Presentation ideas to encourage grit in your employees include goal-setting, perseverance, internal motivation, and re-framing failures for a positive purpose.

9. Change in the Workplace

Change is hard. It’s hard if you’re the one trying to initiate it, and it’s hard if you find yourself the “victim” of it. HR presentations on workplace change can help make the process smoother and more successful for everyone involved.

10. Influencing the Workplace Culture

Even if an employee isn’t a manager, they affect the overall workplace culture. Conduct presentations on being a positive influence, recognizing toxic employees, and how to cultivate a workplace environment that’s healthy and enjoyable for everyone.

HR Presentations Using a Visual Communication Platform

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