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The 7 Rules of Working Effectively

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I try to write to you only when I have something really meaningful to share. Like when I shared the Blue Sky Vision Board that had hundreds of people responding with incredible, personal stories of how it got them back on track, chasing their dreams.

Blue Sky in Action

The show of support was overwhelming. Thanks to Jasmine from Harvard Law, and all of the others who were inspired to comment.

7 Rules of working effectively - working effectively -

A Tribute to Working Effectively

Today, I want to share a little Powtoon I made that shows us how to stay focused and on track in pursuit of anything we truly desire. It’s a tribute to Stephen R. Covey and his beautiful “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Go WOW Your Tribe With a Powtoon Now!

In the spirit of inspiring each other, please share your personal stories in the comments section about hacks and best practices that you have developed to help you stay on track in the daily pursuit of your dreams.

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