What went viral in 2014?

2014 was insane!

It began all cute and innocent… #Pharell Williams made the world ‘Happy’ and #Ellen DeGeneres showed us how to do the Anaconda. But, then the internet broke. Kim Kardashian’s risqué pose on the cover of Paper Magazine was just too much for some URLs to handle, while other sites were more than happy to turn her booty into an epic meme.

So, what else went viral in 2014?

Below is a list of PowToon Scientists’ Top Ten Picks.

Which entry is your favorite and why did it go viral?  Let us know on our Facebook page or else you can comment below.

Number 10

Lip Sync Battle with #Emma Stone  38,969,583 views

#Jimmy Fallon didn’t know what hit him! #Emma Stone shocked the #Tonight Show audience with her pumped up rendition of “All I Do Is Win,” by #DJ Khaled.

Number 9

#Pharell Williams’ hat – has its own Twitter account

#Pharell Williams is pretty darn cool. He is 41 years old but looks like he’s 18. He  has a photographic memory and he designs jewellery for Louis Vuitton. Too bad it’s all hidden under an enormous hat…

pharell williams meme

Number 8

Mutant Giant Spider Dog 123,379,722 views

This adorable, dog-spider hybrid was filmed terrorising the residents of Poland, but all he really wanted was someone to scratch his back…

Number 7

The Hot Felon  233,188 FB likes

Ah, #Jeremy Meeks, the 30 year old Californian with the most ridiculously photogenic mugshot. The police put up a picture in the hopes of capturing him, but instead, they captured  the hearts of women (and men) all over the world.


Number 6

Bars & Melody – #Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer act | #Britain’s Got Talent 2014 59,969,402 views

This British duo made the audience go wild with their “Anti Bullying Rap.” Charlie Lenehan, 15, and Leondre Devries, 13 showed the world that a negative experience could just be ticket to making dreams come true!

Number 5

#Kim Kardashian’s Butt – broke the internet

2014 was all about #Kim Kardashian, well actually her derrière…. and how to squeeze a meme out of it!


Number 4

#Ellen DeGeneres’ Anaconda Video 15,088,916 views

Since butts seemed to be a running theme, #Ellen DeGeneres thought she should get in on the action in this hilarious #Nicki Minaj spoof.

Number 3

Kids play with paint and get it all over their faces  7,695,466 views

It’s time to up the cuteness factor! This father catches his two sons and tapes them as they slowly confess to their crimes.

Number 2

Always #LikeAGirl   53,759,408 views

Hello women empowerment! This unique campaign breaks down stereotypes about adolescent girls by asking people of all ages “What does it mean to do it #LikeAGirl”

Number 1

First Kiss 96,902,446 views

Do you remember your first kiss? This video allows you to relive that awkward and nervous moment through the ‘first kisses’ of these 20 strangers.


There you have it, the PowToon Scientists viral picks of 2014! Which entry was your favorite?

We’d love to hear from you, so please add your comments below!

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