How to Create Powerful Learning Experiences Through Video

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Top Video Creation Tips From an eLearning Expert

We hosted a special LinkedIn Live webinar and Q&A session with eLearning legend and founder of Drews Multimedia, Joe Drews. Previously a learning manager and instructional designer for different corporations, including Amazon, Joe has created innovative eLearning courses and instructor-led training programs for clients across industries.

In this session, we covered:

  • How to draft, storyboard, and create videos for maximum learning impact
  • How to ensure your content is accessible, and your design is on-brand
  • How to demonstrate the value of your program to leadership

How FootLocker Trains Over 35,000 Employees with Dynamic Videos

A global leader in the footwear industry, Foot Locker uses Powtoon to train 35,000 employees across 27 regions. Discover how they created one common language through engaging, diverse, and inclusive videos.

Foot Locker’s achievements in video learning:

  • 16 diverse video characters created
  • 35,000 employees trained through video
  • 27 regions engaged through video

10 Brilliant L&D Video Examples (And Why They Work)

As a learning and development professional, your role is vital in the workforce. You are a trainer, motivator, and strategist — and as someone taking on these roles at a corporate level, you face the daily challenge these titles entail in L&D.
Increasing engagement amongst your people while delivering them content that is informative, relevant, and constructive is no easy feat. You need both the tools and strategy in order to effectively create content for your audience. This is exactly why we wanted to bring you some insight as to how you can use video to reimagine your L&D strategy and better engage your peers.

The video creation
platform for L&D teams

Create personalized learning and bite-sized videos to inspire employees and bring measurable results. Customize videos to match your brand and seamlessly integrate them with any LMS.