Powtoon Kickoff for Onboarding Employees

Make Onboarding Impactful & Engaging for All

Empower new team members to introduce themselves to their teams and across the company in a fun and engaging way by quickly creating a “Get to Know Me” video!

Introduce & Integrate New Employees


Remove the anxiety of joining a new team by empowering your employee with the tools to introduce themselves across the organization in a fun and engaging way.


Boost positivity in your organization as employees are encouraged to display their unique selves, showing what makes them special in a creative way.


Ensure a quick win for your new employees as they easily complete tasks on their onboarding path by introducing themselves across the organization.


Smoothly transition new employees into your corporate culture as they let their new co-workers know who they are, why they were hired, and the unique skills they bring to the team.

Create at Scale With Onboarding Templates


Companies with an effective onboarding process improved their new hire retention rate by 82%


When a company has great onboarding 69% of employees are likely to stay for at least 3 years


The average new hire onboarding experience consists of 54 activities

Managers rave about Powtoon

"Our new hires have been leveraging Powtoon to quickly and easily create engaging videos to introduce themselves to the whole organization. These videos get a ton of engagement, which sparks conversations that would not have been possible otherwise."

Mitch Wells
Enterprise Operations: DECM | Change Management at Lockheed Martin

"Powtoon has allowed us to create short yet powerful videos for our employees to learn more about our HR Practices around Performance. These bite sized videos are easy to digest and captivate the user’s attention making them a great alternative to long PowerPoint decks or recordings."

Lisa Beauchamp
Sr Manager, Talent & Organization Development at Wiley

“Powtoon makes it quite easy to create a different communication that's appealing to my colleagues.”

Birute Vaikeviciene,
HR Manager, PMI Duty Free

"Powtoon is really useful for us! It helps us improve internal communication. Dynamic videos bring us closer to employees and help us engage them. Without a doubt, a great tool that we will continue using in the company!!"

Janire Fernández Esteban,
People Solutions, Bridgestone

Video Templates

Access our extensive library of editable video templates including stock image, music, and voiceovers to allow employees to promote their uniqueness.


Screen & Webcam Recording

Record your screen, webcam, or both to allow employees to personally share their unique skills.


Character Building

Customize characters with diverse hair, clothing, and animated gestures to represent everyone equally.


Complete Brand Control

Get new hires started on your brand with the right fonts, colors, characters, and templates - all in one place.


Inventory of Employee Introductions

With an inventory of introductions across your organization, new employees can quickly get to know their teams in a remote world.


Multi-Channel Distribution

Download videos in any desired format or publish them directly to your intranet, Slack, and work channels so that the whole company can get to know them.

Want to see some examples?


One platform for your entire company's onboarding experiences

New Employees

With easy video templates, give new employees a stage to stand out and introduce themselves to their team and management in an engaging way.

HR Managers

Give employees a personal voice to engage and onboard with video, , making it a part of your company culture and making remote work feel less distant.

Department Manager

Build a strong team and company culture by giving new employees a stage to engage with their new team members.

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