5 Ways to Keep Your Videos On-Brand

With the great resignation of 2021, employers are struggling to retain talent and engage employees in a meaningful way. And it turns out, the secret to standing out and to connecting on an emotional level both internally and externally–is branding….

Video Recruitment: How to Stand Out in a Hiring Crisis

Recruiters, especially in industries like tech and healthcare, are facing a recruitment crisis that has never been seen before. “The Great Resignation is here,” with up to 55% of American adults looking to switch workplaces during the next calendar year….

6 YouTube Best Practices to Uplift your Learning Content

By this point, it’s clear that Millennials and Gen Z workers are the future and face of the workforce. In fact, Jamie Gutfreund, Chief Strategy Officer for the Intelligence Group, notes 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by…

How to Start a Peer to Peer Learning Program Using Video

In 2020, we came to realize that traditional digital teaching methods no longer suffice, and ignoring this notion comes at the cost of increased turnover— with 40% of employees leaving their company within the first year due to poor training. …

10 Brilliant L&D Video Examples (And Why They Work)

As a learning and development professional, your role is vital in the workforce. You are a trainer, motivator, and strategist — and as someone taking on these roles at a corporate level, you face the daily challenge these titles entail…

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