6 YouTube Best Practices to Uplift your Learning Content

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By this point, it’s clear that Millennials and Gen Z workers are the future and face of the workforce. In fact, Jamie Gutfreund, Chief Strategy Officer for the Intelligence Group, notes 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020—representing a full 40% of the total working population, with Gen Z representing 25% of the global workforce. 

As generations born from and into the new millennium, the emergence of these two groups (alongside advancements and changes in technology) has transformed both society and subsequently, the workplace – pushing it into the “digital future” and aligning it with the way in which they’ve grown to interact, engage, learn, and now, work. We see their influence in digital transformations across industries and departments, and as they are becoming more prominent in the workplace – we see how their preferred styles of learning are affecting L&D. 

Think about how you learn in your private life. Be it casually browsing DIY videos on TikTok, looking up cooking videos on YouTube, or checking out new hobbies on SkillShare — each of these channels is how your younger employees are actively learning and developing their own skills. Most importantly, this is how they’ve become accustomed to learning and development, via on-demand, interactive video content.  

And therefore, we should integrate this style of L&D into the workforce just as we did with our digital transformations. If we are to keep the future and face of the workforce engaged, connected, and informed, we must match the learning style of our Millennial and Gen Z workers. Not only for the sake of morale but for the sake of retention and overall success. Below, you will find 6 ways you can create uplifting learning content that will resonate with your employees. 

1. Use video to appeal to learners 

Since 65% of your employees are visual learners, video learning is the natural way to go. And it’s not as difficult as one may think! Video creation tools such as Powtoon provide you the means to implement visual communication into your L&D strategy with ease. 

Use customizable templates to easily create engaging learning content that brings across bite-sized messages that automatically result in longer retention. Don’t forget to add captions or on-screen text to your videos! Captions will make your visual content accessible for the deaf and hard hearing, making sure it is truly inclusive. Furthermore, captions are known to help viewers better focus on the material being presented, further solidifying information into their minds.  

2. Reimagine existing content 

You don’t always have to start from scratch! Instead, take your existing learning material and spice it up a little. This will save you time and is a great way to get started using a new content creation platform.  With Powtoon’s PowerPoint integration, you can easily turn an old PowerPoint presentation into a more engaging learning experience, organic to your audience. 

3. Keep it up to date

The world is constantly changing. New rules, guidelines, applications, technology are being swapped as we speak, so it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game! And there’s nothing worse than outdated content. If your audience isn’t engaged, don’t expect them to stay tuned in. 

Yet, on the same token, having to constantly create new content is simply exhausting. Understandably, it can be extremely time-consuming and, frankly, unproductive. However, using customizable templates in your video content platform can give you the ability to quickly edit, update and recreate any existing content. This also gives you the means to streamline your content creation process and strategy!

4. Localization is key 

Considering only 20% of the world’s population speaks English you’ve got to create inclusive content, especially when you’re working with international teams. When you provide your audience L&D content in their native language, you are also providing your employees the means to better retain the information that is being presented to them. 

Simply put, when you offer your video content in several languages, you widen your reach, giving you more means to capture and engage with a large audience. So be inclusive!

5. Use diverse & inclusive characters 

Speaking of inclusivity, when creating video content, if you use characters in your video, use characters that reflect your audience. 

The minority working-age demographic of the workforce is predicted to increase to 37% of the U.S. population, and so, incorporating diversity and inclusion into your learning is VITAL. With Powtoon’s character builder, you can easily customize characters for your training videos to match your employees – body size, height, skin color, religion, and so on.   

This is a way, however small, to reassure your employees that they are understood and heard, something that they already desire. Also, by helping your learners feel more connected to the content, it too can increase engagement! 

6. Collaboration is key

Millennials and Gen Z alike prefer collaborative, social learning and so, this should extend to your video content creation system. And so,  collaborate with your employees to both make and come up with content. 

Not only does this give you valuable key insights for video content creation, but it also allows them to feel valued and involved, something they too are seeking in the workforce. Your employees are your biggest assets, tap into their genius and ask them to share their knowledge with you and others!

Creating video learning content is easy with the right toolkit

With Gen Z coming to age, boomers retiring, millennials in the workplace, and technology ever-evolving, the workforce will never be the same. As training managers, you’ve got to modify your teaching strategies and course delivery methods to rein in the potential and the learning styles of millennials and Gen Z alike. 

And with the right toolkit, this is only a download away. With tutorials, blogs, and experts available, getting started with our Powtoon is simple! Go ahead and get ahead of your game and request your Powtoon demo today

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Sapir Segal

Sapir is the Enterprise Product Marketing Manager at Powtoon. Her work is driven by a consistent, unwavering belief in the power of storytelling and how good product narratives help build long-lasting brands, connect between customers, and drive sales.
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