How to Rebrand Your Social Media Marketing After a Company Change 

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Social media marketing is among the most effective ways to promote your brand. However, due to various potential changes at your company, it may one day be necessary to rebrand. This will naturally influence your brand strategy in regard to social media.

Are you not sure how to properly rebrand social media marketing after a company change? Keep reading if so. The following brand marketing and strategy ideas will help you better understand how you can maintain your current social media audience while still adjusting your social media presence to match brand changes.

Identify the Elements of Your Brand on Social Media

Before adjusting your brand on social media, you must first identify what aspects of your social media presence already represent your brand. Potential examples include:

  • The overall tone and language of your posts
  • The color schemes of any visual content you share
  • Logos and other such proprietary material
  • The music and other such elements that might be featured in videos you share on social media
  • What types of cultural references your social media presence makes
  • What type of audience do you believe you’re speaking to via social media

Once you know which aspects of your social media presence currently reflect your company’s branded identity, you’ll have a better sense of what specific changes you might need to make to ensure your social media marketing efforts align with your new brand strategy.

Set Goals

Knowing how to rebrand social media marketing after a company change is important, but knowing why you’re rebranding is also vital. The time and effort you devote to cultivating a new brand on social media will be more likely to yield a strong return on investment if you establish clear and measurable goals from the start.

For example, monitoring engagement on social media is fairly easy. You might, therefore, decide that one of your goals when developing a new brand across your social media channels is to boost engagement.

Another goal may be to attract more followers. After you implement a social media rebranding strategy, you can compare how many new monthly followers you’re attracting now and how many you have attracted in the past. If you tend to attract more new monthly followers after a rebrand, you can be confident your rebranding strategy has served its intended purpose.

These examples aren’t the only goals you can set when adopting a new brand strategy on social media. The main point to understand is that setting such goals is key to determining whether a strategy is effective.

Assemble a Team and Assign Tasks

Your next step involves gathering all team members who you think should be involved in your rebranding efforts. Once you’ve assembled your team, you can establish what specific tasks each team member needs to complete.

For example, your graphic design team members may need to generate new visual content that you can share on social media to introduce audience members to your new brand. Your copywriters may be tasked with developing a new style guide to ensure that the language and tone of all your posts correspond with your new brand. 

Those are just two examples. The specific tasks you assign to different team members can vary depending on the nature of your rebrand.

Establish a Timeline and Schedule

Keep in mind that your current audience may be accustomed to your current brand. Attempting to introduce audience members to a new brand all of a sudden could backfire on you if you don’t make thorough plans ahead of time. Even if your new brand is generally more appealing than your current one, a jarring shift in branded messaging on social media could make the wrong impression on your followers.

After you and your team members have developed at least one month’s worth of new social media content that reflects your new brand, start working on a timeline to embrace the new brand across your various social media accounts.

There is no universally correct way to go about this process. For instance, you might begin with a few vague posts on your social media accounts encouraging followers to watch the space for a big announcement in the coming days or weeks. Next, that announcement could take the form of a post in which you officially announce your new brand.

The content through which you make this announcement need not be as dry as a generic press release. For example, a unique way to introduce followers to a new brand would be to create a character who represents this brand and share a video introducing followers to that character. 

You can begin making other changes to your social media presence once you’ve made this initial introduction. Perhaps you can start removing images that embody your old brand and replace them with images and visual content that align with your new brand marketing strategy. If you were to apply the tactic above, using a new character to embody a new brand, you could also start posting in the voice of that character, indicating to social media followers that your social media pages, in general, will have a new voice.

Rebranding on Social Media After a Company Change: The Importance of Monitoring

Remember, one of the first steps you took in the process of adjusting your social media brand marketing strategy was to establish clear and measurable goals. Be sure to monitor your success once you’ve begun implementing your strategy.

Doing so will help you determine whether you should continue with a plan, or whether making adjustments is necessary. The more you study your results and make tweaks, the greater your long-term ROI will be.

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