7 Ways Screen Recordings Can Enhance Your Social Media Content

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There are many types of content you can share on social media to promote your brand and engage your followers. However, one theoretically valuable form of social media content is one that often goes overlooked: screen recordings.

Regardless of the specific nature of your business and services, sharing screen recordings on social media can help you provide your followers with content that drives engagement. Consider the following examples.

The Power of Screen Recordings in Marketing

Many of us complete various processes while interfacing with digital devices in our tech-driven world. Thus, a screen recording can convey information to an audience in a format with which they are already very familiar. 

In addition, screen recording content is often fairly brief and to the point. That’s a vital quality when other pieces of content are cluttering your followers’ social media feeds.

Studies actually suggest the average attention span now is only eight seconds. Because you can’t count on a viewer paying attention to a piece of video content for a long time now, it’s wise to share content that makes its point fast. A screen recording can serve this purpose.

Specific ways to use screen recordings for social media include the following:

Ways To Use Screen Recordings For Social Media

  1. Bite-Sized Demos for Products

To convince a customer that one of your products is worth their money, you need to demonstrate to said customer how your product can deliver value for them. One way to achieve this goal is to post screen recordings on social media in which you quickly show off the features of a product.

Depending on how complex a product is, a quick screen recording may not be able to illustrate all its functions and capacities thoroughly. That’s not a problem. The purpose of such a video is to generate initial interest in a product. Other pieces of content can provide more detailed information about a product if a potential customer wishes to investigate it more. 

  1. Quick Tutorials for Step-by-Step Guides

A customer might have a general understanding of the value that one of your products can offer them. Nevertheless, they may still be reluctant to make a purchase for various reasons.

For instance, maybe a customer isn’t willing to spend their money on one of your products because they don’t fully understand how to use it yet. This is another instance in which posting a screen recording to social media could help you boost sales. By posting a video demonstrating how to use your product in clear visual steps, you may help a customer better appreciate the way said product could benefit them.

  1. Seamless Product Walkthroughs

A product walkthrough is a piece of content in which a company introduces potential customers to a new product and its various features. If you’re planning on launching a new product in the near future, a screen recording could help generate enthusiasm for it.

Social media in general, offers you the opportunity to “tease” your followers with announcements about new products, services, and other such new offerings from your company. Through social media, you can release information about new products slowly and strategically, cultivating interest and maintaining it over the course of weeks or months. 

Video can help in this capacity due to its naturally dynamic nature. Research actually shows that video content on social media attracts more engagement than other types of content. By announcing a new product with a video-based product walkthrough, you can improve your odds of capturing the attention of your audience when many other pieces of social media content may be vying for their attention.

  1. Explaining Software and Apps

Screen recordings can be particularly effective when used to highlight the features and functionality of an app or piece of software. Because a screen recording can show exactly how to use a given app, it can quickly but clearly demonstrate to a potential customer how the app can serve a genuinely useful purpose. 

  1. Visual Testimonials and Case Studies

Studies and surveys consistently show that testimonials can play a major role in the success of a given product or business. Many consumers are savvy, knowing that a company itself is certainly likely to count the benefits of its products and services. These consumers also know that they can’t necessarily trust a company to represent these products and services in all marketing materials accurately.

However, if past customers are willing to say positive things about a product, a consumer may be more likely to purchase it themselves. True, testimonials can simply take the form of text, but a video testimonial in the form of a screen recording gives a customer the opportunity to include more emotion in their words when describing their positive reaction to a product of yours.

  1. Short How-Tos for Quick Learning

Are you selling a product with many different features that customers might use? If so, you may choose to post screen recordings on social media quickly, covering how to take advantage of these various features and functionalities. For customers in the digital age, these videos could offer a welcome alternative to traditional written instruction guides. 

  1. Screen-Recorded Webinars and Podcast Segments

Webinars and podcasts often serve as valuable pieces of social media marketing content because they allow a brand to share potentially valuable information with customers. With screen recordings, you can share snippets from webinars or podcasts to generate interest in your content, or you can simply post quick mini podcasts and webinars to provide your followers with useful information in a short and efficient format. 

  1. Screen Recordings: Perfect for Short Ads and YouTube Shorts

Short-form video content is growing increasingly popular across a range of social media platforms. For instance, YouTube has introduced YouTube Shorts to compete with TikTok.

It’s clear that demand for shorter videos is growing. Luckily, screen recordings may be ideal for such types of videos. With a screen recording, you can quickly convey a message to your audience, something which is often critical in an age when your audience members are likely bombarded with distractions.

Best Practices for Creating Engaging Screen Recordings

To ensure your screen recordings deliver results, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use a quality microphone for ideal audio quality
  • Record in a space where background noise won’t interfere
  • Turn off as many background processes as possible (such as other apps that you may have open), as these can potentially result in lag and other such issues
  • Use headphones to ensure you can hear yourself clearly when recording narration

Additionally, it’s wise to use dedicated screen recording software. Powtoon can help. Along with offering screen recording software, Powtoon offers a range of tools for creating dynamic live-action and animated video content. Sign up today to get started!

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