Make your own animated video- Personal uses for Powtoon

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What are the best ways to​ use Powtoon outside of work?

By Janis Raisen

Greeting cards:

Who doesn’t love receiving animated greeting cards? How many of you actually buy cards at the store? ​ We thought so. What you may not realize is that creating animated greeting cards is just as fun as receiving them. Since the holidays are right around the corner, check out our holiday template.

Although purchasing holiday cards is on the minds of most this time of year, ​ don’t forget that Powtoon is also a great option for birthday greetings. This card below is very simple, yet very cute since it’s personalized. I bet this card put a smile on the face of the recipient.

Ironically, 123 Greetings, a very popular and amazing Egreetings company, used Powtoon to promote their greeting cards. They did a great job using Powtoon! Check out their brilliant Powtoon. They used some adorable animation and very cute props that provides great ideas for creating your own Powtoon Greeting card.

Music videos:

Does this surprise you? Powtoon is so versatile that even creating music videos can be perfect.​ In this video, we can see that the expressive animated characters, plus the expressive fonts and styles, which support the melody and lyrics of this really cool song. The video shows the frustration of this guy always waiting for his girlfriend to get ready to go out or to leave places that they attend together. The way he uses the fonts is very creative because the fonts become the images and are used in a very expressive manner. Just think what you can create using the just the type and a couple of characters?


How romantic is it to create an animated love story of you and the love of your life? Nice and nostalgic, but even more meaningful when your video love story is your wedding invitation.​ This Powtoon invitation was so well done that it really makes you root for this couple. The love they share is so transparent in the animation and text of the video.

Wow. Makes you melt!!

Maybe this couple below will make a Powtoon for their wedding invite too, since they did such a great job creating one for their engagement party.​ Although it doesn’t tug at your heart strings like the wedding invite Powtoon showed above, it is fun, cute, colorful and a great Powtoon. The couple made use of many of our food props and it works really well. I hope they had a great party!

There are still many more amazing uses for Powtoon such as photo collages, travel diaries, ​ reunion photos, and many more!

Powtoon free animation software is great for business and personal ventures

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