The Top Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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Succeeding as a marketer doesn’t involve relying on the same strategies year after year. Successful marketers are those who stay abreast of changing marketing trends and modify their strategies (or embrace entirely new ones!) accordingly.

Whether you’re a marketing specialist for a major enterprise or a small business owner handling your own marketing campaigns, familiarizing yourself with the following marketing trends for 2023 will help you grow your customer base, boost sales, and increase brand awareness.

(More) Content

Bill Gates famously proclaimed “content is king” in a seminal 1996 essay. Anyone running a marketing campaign in the digital age knows he was onto something.

Content is a useful marketing tool because it gives a business the opportunity to offer genuine value to its customers. For example, a marketing video could educate an audience on a relevant topic, establishing the authority and expertise of the brand associated with that video. Or, a comedic marketing video could simply entertain an audience, causing viewers to associate the relevant brand with positive emotions.

It’s no secret that content has long dominated marketing in the digital age. In regard to marketing trends for 2023, there’s reason to believe AI tools such as GhatGPT will allow marketers to generate and release even more content than ever before.

However, that doesn’t mean AI-generated content will replace original marketing content. If everyone is using the same AI tools, no one’s marketing content will stand out. Thus, while AI can help marketers generate early versions of content, they will likely need to modify and expand on what AI tools provide to ensure it reflects their unique brands.

More Chatbot-Based Marketing

A chatbot is a stealthy example of marketing content. To a website visitor or app user, a chatbot may simply be a digital assistant to answer their questions and handle their requests.

What they might not realize is that a chatbot can serve as a marketing tool by promoting positive brand identity. Naturally, if a chatbot offers genuine value to a customer, said customer will have a higher opinion of the brand. Additionally, the “personality” of a chatbot can be programmed to represent a brand’s values. 

For example, maybe a brand aims to reach hip young people. Its chatbot could embody this by using hip language. On the other hand, a chatbot for a nonprofit might “speak” with a greater emphasis on compassion.

Chatbots already exist. That said, their role in 2023 marketing trends might grow more prominent as AI allows programmers to create chatbots that are far more sophisticated than what’s come before.

Influencer Marketing Continues to Thrive

Surveys reveal that approximately 89% of marketers who’ve taken advantage of influencer marketing plan on continuing to do so going forward. Quite simply, partnering with influencers tends to yield a strong return on investment.

As with all marketing trends for 2023, you need to consider your unique audience when deciding how to account for this trend in your own marketing strategy. That means choosing the right influencer to represent your brand.

For instance, an influencer who effectively promotes a cosmetics brand might not be the right influencer to promote a line of sports equipment. Consider the nature of both your audience and your products/services when deciding whether to partner with a specific influencer.

Experiential Marketing

As the name implies, experiential marketing campaigns involve offering potential customers the chance to participate in unique experiences that represent a brand. Examples of such experiences range from traditional options like music festivals to more unique experiences like experimental art shows.

Experiential marketing was growing in popularity across a range of industries before the Covid-19 pandemic. During lockdowns, however, it was impossible for brands to continue offering in-person experiences. At best, they could attempt to offer virtual experiences, such as online meet-ups, which rarely achieved the same results.

Now, people may still be eager to take advantage of the fact that they can leave their homes and share experiences with others once again. Experts who predict marketing trends for 2023 (as well as the next few years) believe this might trigger a resurgence in experiential marketing.

Video Content Will Continue to Be Important

Video marketing should play a major role in your marketing campaigns regardless of your industry. Surveys indicate 91% of businesses already leverage video marketing to some degree. You should do the same.

Marketers have placed an increased emphasis on video marketing in recent years because video content has been shown to drive more online engagement than other types of content. Video content also has the power to strengthen a brand. As access to digital devices increases, the importance of video in marketing campaigns is only likely to grow.

That said, the types of video content marketers generate and release might change somewhat in 2023 and beyond. Specifically, surveyed marketers often report a desire to focus on short-form video content. With a short video, a marketer can theoretically share a lot of information about a brand and its services while accounting for the fact that other pieces of content might be vying for a customer’s attention.

Marketing Trends for 2023: What Marketers Need to Know

This may not be an exhaustive list. Specific marketing trends for 2023 can vary somewhat from one industry to another. However, these general trends will likely apply regardless of your niche.

Review your current marketing strategies to determine if they reflect these trends. By consistently researching new marketing trends and planning your campaigns based on what you learn, you’ll boost your odds of both short-term and long-term success!

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