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Online Video Advertising Trends

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What’s Hot In Advertising!

As video advertising is becoming more popular, a plethora of new online video advertising trends are popping up all over the internet world! So how exactly do you decide whether a trend is a good investment for your business or just a passing fad? That is the question!

Well, lucky for you we’ve done some great research in this area, and we’re here to share some of the best online advertising trend tips for long term business success!

The Cloud

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The cloud is going to be your new best friend when it comes to online advertising! Along with much faster video loading times, and less stops for ads, cloud-delivered advertising makes personalization immediate. It also keeps ads from interrupting live feeds at very inopportune moments, like right before your favorite celebrity gives their award winning speech, or when the team you are rooting for is going for that big goal… so annoying when that happens! But since the cloud minimizes this it makes it much more likely that your ad will be received well and watched all the way through!

In fact, according to Forbes, 30-40% of client advertising is blocked by pop ups, and businesses have huge losses due to the fact that more than a third of their ad time is vanishing. However, cloud-delivered advertising, for the most part, ameliorates this problem by putting ads directly in the video stream.

Continuous Playback

Take these two words to heart! Boost advertising revenue by making the online video viewing experience as close to what your consumers know from watching videos at home. When one program ends, another begins, and that is a formula you should really abide by. Server-side ad insertion helps content providers deliver video on demand with continuous playback options, which means viewers will see related programs immediately when a program ends.

Our friends at Forbes also report that people are more comfortable viewing an ad in between a few programs. Users are also less likely to mute or open different screens when ads don’t interrupt their feed.

Spotting the “in” trends

How can we know which trends are really “in”? The answer is very simple: Look for ways to make viewers’ experience as personal and seamless as possible. Any trend that helps deliver personalized ads across multiple devices are here to stay!

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