3 Reasons Why Powtoon’s Approach to Internships Should be Adopted By More Companies

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Taking the first steps in any industry is challenging, but finding a job in the competitive tech world, in particular, is no easy feat. For weeks I scoured the web trying to find an entry-level position that would accept an eager-to-learn student who is looking to contribute and gain expertise. Ultimately, in a serendipitous stroke of luck, I reached Powtoon.

Powtoon is a video creation software company whose objective is to promote a people-centered and “human-first” ethos when it comes to how they treat their employees – no matter their seniority. Here are 3 reasons why every company should emulate Powtoon’s approach to internships.

1. An “open-arms” approach to interns

I was relieved to finally arrive at a company whose philosophy in regard to internships is unique.

Here comes a company that not only welcomes interns but also believes in the value they bring to the company.

Here comes a company willing to invest valuable time and resources into training and teaching individuals like myself.

Here comes a company that actually gears interns toward future growth and development within the company.

“After this period as an intern myself, I see how useful they can be for the market in general. It’s a good way to filter our talent.”

Jonathan Orlianski, Executive Office Intern

I discovered Powtoon through my sister, who had already completed a productive internship at the company during her studies at university. After getting in touch with the COO and HR manager and expressing my interest in the world of talent acquisition, I was fortunate enough to have the team open a recruiter intern position specially for me. Moreover, the talent acquisition specialist dedicated four weekly hours to provide me with one-on-one training for the role.

More importantly, what really singles out Powtoon from other companies is the very “hands-on” nature of internships, enabling interns to gain practical skills and expertise in their desired domains. Powtoon interns voice their passions to managers who then support and guide them in learning and exploring areas of interest. With Powtoon’s “no dumb questions” policy, interns truly feel comfortable inquiring about uncertainties and are provided with a genuinely learning-oriented environment. 

2. Interns are viewed as valued team members

Interns at Powtoon aren’t viewed as a temporary “extra set of hands” or “additional labor” to knock some tasks off of the to-do list. Rather, they are viewed as potential full-time employees and valuable contributors, even when they are just at the start of their professional journey.

“Interns are a part of everything – weekly syncs, important meetings, etc. They are full-on members of the team. I feel like an equal.

Michal Sanders, Content Marketing Intern

What’s special about interns at Powtoon is that they are given responsibility for an entire project, end to end, from start to finish. This lets them learn a lot more than if they were just assigned to one aspect of a project.”

Artium Konchikov, Marketing Operations Specialist, previously a Marketing Operations Intern

Powtoon values and draws on the theory of “tabula rasa”, or blank slate employees, who can provide a fresh perspective and an innovative frame of mind in countless areas of the company.

“I never expected to have so much responsibility, which is a good thing! It really shows Powtoon’s level of trust in interns.”

Jonathan Orlianski, Executive Office Intern.

3. Opportunities for growth and advancement

Not only does Powtoon promote and create internship positions for students, but the company also encourages advancement opportunities within the organization for those same interns.

“Opportunities for advancement feel feasible as well as supported and encouraged by the company.”

Michal Sanders, Content Marketing Intern

Beyond the obvious benefit of this welcoming approach to internships, the organization also stands to gain from this greatly. Providing interns (and soon-to-be employees) with the sense that they are valued and appreciated boosts their motivation and dedication to the company, heightens retention rates, and improves employer branding. At the end of the day, individuals who enter an organization feeling valued and cared for generally want nothing more than to give back and reciprocate the efforts that were devoted to them. In short, you’ll get a huge return on your investment.

“The best thing for me about interning at Powtoon was that I got to experience a lot in a short amount of time. There’s no management barrier – if you put the work and the effort in, you can really develop within the company to where you want. The limit is up to you.”

Daniel Gilenson, previously a Business Development Intern, promoted to Growth Operations Manager and then to Sales Operations Manager

“Because you’re treated like a valued member of the team, you want to stay in this company that utilizes your expertise and continue on this trajectory.”

Michal Sanders, Content Marketing Intern

Not only was I welcomed with open arms as an intern, but I was provided with thorough training and was taught skills I wouldn’t have been able to gain anywhere else. My gratitude for this made me committed to contributing as much as I could to the company.”

Maya Kerem, previously a Project Management intern promoted to Product Manager 

It’s time to rethink your internship opportunities

So, to all you managers and executives out there, step out of your comfort zone. Take a chance on that star candidate who checks off all the boxes aside from full-time experience. You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at the results when you open up more internship opportunities. And what better way to promote your open positions and attract top talent than with a video?! Sign up for Powtoon to get started today!

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Ronnie Kerem

Ronnie is a Recruiter Intern at Powtoon. Her hobbies include arts and crafts, cooking, and traveling. Her ideal day would include hiking up a mountain with friends to enjoy a luxurious picnic at the mountaintop. She loves playing board games, attending Zumba classes, and spending time with her family.
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