5 Important Elements to Include in Your Training Videos

5 Important Elements to Include in Your Training Videos

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It’s no secret that watching training videos isn’t most employees’ favorite activity. It’s common for people to multitask while the video plays muted in the background, skim through the screenshots to find the “important” sections, or take the post-training quiz to meet their requirements. If you want your employees to get the most out of your company training videos, here’s what you need to know.

Five Must-Haves for Training Videos

Even though employees identify video as their preferred training method, three-quarters of them don’t give training videos their full attention. Boost your view rate by incorporating the following elements.

1. Great Visuals

Visual communication is an effective way to capture attention and present information – but don’t rely solely on the fact that creating videos will improve viewership. Maximize its power with eye-catching visuals by incorporating high-quality and interesting images, moving text, and other visual elements to entice your viewer to stay tuned.

2. Relatable Stories 

Stories turn abstract principles into concrete examples. They also capture your employee’s attention. Use a story at the beginning of a training session to draw them into the material or use one at the end to tie all the information together. 

3. Clear Learning Objectives 

Your audience needs to understand why they’re watching your video. For each training video, state the learning objectives clearly at the beginning. This lets your viewer know what information they should look for and that you have a defined purpose in mind.

4. Organized & Intentional Content

Plan your training video carefully. Intentionally select every element to make sure it has a purpose and aligns with the learning objectives. Avoid “fluff” or content that will add length to your video. If you’ve got “talking-head” style portions, script them to be succinct or edit them for brevity and flow.  

5. High-Quality Production

Dim lighting and hard-to-hear audio are disastrous for any video, but those aren’t the only production elements you should focus on. Use professional-looking transitions between sections, add cartoon animations to enhance storytelling, and employ animated infographics to break down complex principles. If you’re demonstrating a tool with screen capture, add face-to-camera in the corner to maintain a human element. Small, professional-quality additions will work wonders to keep your viewers engaged.

More Ways to Improve Training Video Engagement 

Videos that have interactive elements or are part of an interactive course have more engagement than those that don’t. And while view-at-your-leisure training videos are convenient for the employee, the results aren’t nearly as beneficial for the company. Live videos that allow employees to interact with the presenter and other viewers also have better views than standalone videos.

A final way to improve the viewership is to use a video maker to make your own videos in-house. This is an affordable way to customize your training videos, so they will speak to your unique audience and reflect your company culture.

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